We love hosting events and supporting your retreat in our sacred space, surrounded by soothing nature, as you learn, practice, nourish and flourish with like minded others while enjoying plenty of breathing space by our pool, sauna, jacuzzi.

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NOVEMBER 14-20, 2021

Retreat to your Purpose - November 2021 Bali


7 day, all-inclusive, holistic wellness retreat in Bali.

Our mission is to nurture transformation within individuals struggling through their quarter-life crisis. We guide you towards your highest potential through personal development and holistic wellness. Retreat to your purpose in Bali!

Personal Development

Increase Self-Awareness

Reach Higher Potential

Improve your Capabilities

Holistic Wellness

Rejuvenated Mind, Body, and Spirit

Balance all Aspects of Well-Being

Indulge in Dedicating Time to Yourself

Cultural Immersion

7-Days Spent in the Center of Bali

An Experiential Transformation

Nourished by Fresh, Local Foods


  • Encouraged Self-Guided Morning Routine
  • Guided Meditation for Letting Go
  • Energizing Vinyasa Yoga Class
  • Delicious Breakfast


  • Dharma Discovery Workshop
  • Chakra Aligning Exercise
  • Excursion to Balinese Water Temple
  • Nourishing Lunch


  • Free Time/Option for Spa Treatments
  • Calm and Relaxing Yin Yoga Class
  • Delightful Dinner
  • End of Day
  • 1:1 Intake Call with Grayson
  • Personal Development Workshops
  • Focused Visualization and Goal Setting
  • Embodiment Practice
  • Mindset Techniques
  • Daily Yoga Class (all yoga equipment included)
  • Daily Guided Meditations
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Excursion to Balinese Water Temple
  • Sound Bath Healing Ceremony
  • Scheduled Free/Personal Time
  • Complimentary 60 minute Full-Body Massage*
  • Access to Additional Spa Treatments*
  • 1:1 Follow Up Integration Call with Grayson
  • Complimentary Airport Transportation Pickup & Drop-Off
  • 6 Nights/7 Days Luxury Accommodation in Beautiful Ubud, Bali
  • 3 Healthy, Nourishing Meals a Day (Vegetarian, Vegan, & Gluten Free Friendly)
  • Unlimited Supply of Drinking Water, Herbal Tea, and Balinese Coffee
  • Locally Made All-Natural Soap and Shampoo
  • Access to Private Swimming Pool
  • Hot Tub Jacuzzi
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Daily Maid Service
  • 24-hour Security
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Flights to and from Bali
  • Travel Insurance*
  • Additional Excursions or Activities desired by the guest outside of the Itinerary
  • *A complimentary massage is offered to all retreat bookings made by August 14th
  • *Access to additional spa treatments are available to book and paid at the guest’s expense
  • *Travel Insurance is required to attend all Clarifino retreats, which covers emergency medical treatments, evacuation, and trip cancellation

How to Know if Clarifino is the Right Retreat for You:

Your life has been lacking a sense of direction

Unsure of your purpose and how to discover it

Stuck in a transitional life phase

Want to unlock and reach your highest potential

Craving adventure and change of scenery

Your job leaves you feeling unfulfilled

Wishing to be passionate about life again

Just going through the motions of daily life

You want to rediscover who you are again...

About Your Retreat Leader - Grayson Waataja:

Clarifino was established through discovering my purpose and embodying my highest self. Two of the tools you will gain for yourself on this incredible retreat.

I felt called to design a safe space for facilitating transformation within those struggling through their quarter-life crisis. Firstly, I know how it feels to lose your sense of direction in your mid-twenties. It is a challenging phase of life to navigate. Although, through those difficulties I have learned how to align the soul toward one’s fullest potential. In short, that is what I am here to help you with.

I Was a Dancer for Nearly 2 Decades...

It not only consumed my life, but also my identity and sense of self. Dancing on Broadway was where my dreams were focused, but a serious injury to my lower back in my early-twenties changed the course of my future significantly.

Therefore, the hard truth I had to accept was that the current path I was on was no longer sustainable for my body. In other words, I needed to decide what else I could do with my life.

I Set the Intention to Heal my Body Holistically and Rediscover Who I Was...

As a result, this journey directed me to surrender to yoga and receive its remedies for the mind, body, and spirit. The transformation I experienced through my yoga practice helped align me with my purpose and consequently treat my injury through living more intentionally.

In my professional life, up until my mid-20s I worked in the wedding industry in New York City. Above all, I became captivated with the feeling of running events. In addition, I sought out tiny details that made the experience unique and special. Nurturing wedding clients and making them feel supported in a way they’ve never felt before filled me up with so much joy.

I Absolutely Loved the Work That I Did, but I Knew my Soul had More to Offer...

However, what I realized was that I was not living up to my highest potential. As a result, this urged me to I searched to find a way to combine my studies of yoga with my passion for coordinating events. From blending my skills, passions, and talents, I moved to the island of Bali and created Clarifino.

Now more than ever, the world needs your unique gifts to be of service for humanity. I believe every person was brought to this Earth to fulfill a purpose. Let’s uncover your reason for being and make a plan to achieve your fullest potential together.



Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Based in India's Sacred Traditions.




Join our journey in Ritual, Bhakti, The 5 Elements, Buddhist Yoga, Classical Tantra, Deep Relaxation, and The Heart.
We teach an Alignment-Based Vinyasa Flow practice.  Culminating in restorative postures, meditation and pranayama, our practice serves first to awaken the body and break-up stuck energy, and then to soften the mind and nurture our inner being.  Uniting the masculine + feminine aspects of practice we find freedom in movement, draw awareness from the mind to the heart, and allow insight to arise naturally.  

Learn how to lead this practice at our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher training, Bali.


The Shivakali Yoga "Elemental Tantra Yoga Teacher Training" approaches the ancient sciences of yoga and tantra through a course of the 5 elements.  This 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is the first of its kind. In the earth element we will practice Din Acharya, daily ayurvedic self-care as we rise with the sun.  We will learn about grounding asana practice, restorative, yin and classical tantric asanas.  Guided massage practices will be offered, and connection to the earth as found in classical yogic texts + other traditions.

 During the water element, we still the waters of the mind with Buddhist yogas and meditation instruction from the Nyingma tradition.  Enjoy daily practice of vinyasa flow, with an emphasis on the lunar quality and classical surya namaskar, deepening our knowledge of these asanas.  And we will expand our practices of inversions learning how to float through our daily asana classes and posture clinics with grace.

As we proceed into fire, we will begin the day at sunrise with Agni Hotra, classical yogic fire ceremony.  We will learn to perform yogic fire rituals, study the bandhas and kumbhaka practices of yoga, and cultivate inner heat.  Our yoga will focus on strength and core, learning the art of power vinyasa sequencing and core work in a way that is aligned with classical yogic principles, while strengthening our practice of arm balances as well. 

Journeying into the air element, we will rise with the practices of Sri Vidya, ascending into Shakta Tantra.  Students receive instruction for our daily practice of the Kalavahana, a tantric empowerment ritual. Further, we will learn to draw the Sri Yantra, learn about the deities contained inside this ancient diagram, and study the history of this Goddess tantra tradition.  We will master the art of intuitive teaching, learning how to teach/practice yoga from a place of inspiration, and incorporate other forms of sacred movement into our classes.  

Woven throughout the course is the element of space, during which time we will look encounter the poetry of Kabir, meditate on emptiness, and read from the Tao Te Ching.    We will find what it means to discover our own practice, our own path, and our own truth within... as teachers, and as human beings.




Serge Bandura (E-RYT 500) is co-director at Shivakali Yoga, and has been teaching the Yogic arts of India & Tibet since since 2001.  His approach evolves out of a deep transmission from younger years living in Kula (yogic community), engaging in lengthy daily practice before the hours of dawn, and undergoing rigorous study with his teachers. In classes, Serge blends his knowledge of traditional Yogic practice & philosophy with 1000's of hours of training in Ashtanga, Yin Yoga,  Rudra Yoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini Tantra, Ayurveda and Tibetan Buddhism.  He holds a BA in Religious Studies with an emphasis on South-Asian traditions, a certificate in Yoga Philosophy, a diploma in the study of Yoga & Ayurveda, an E-RYT designation from the Yoga Alliance, he reads/writes Sanskrit, and is a practicing Ngakpa (Tibetan Yogi) with Pema Khandro Rinpoche.

Serge is also a musician and DJ (earthtones-music.com), who shares his devotion through chanting, playing harmonium, and raising vibrations through a lifetime journey collecting rare vinyl and throwing parties. He owns Light + Space Yoga studio in Ojai, California, and his goal is to lead students back into the truth of their own hearts. He also works diligently to create inclusivity in Yoga spaces.


Gloria Marie Baraquio(E-RYT 500) is co-director at Shivakali Yoga, a yogini and educator from Hawaii, who resides at Ratna Ling Buddhist Retreat Center in Northern California.  She grew up the youngest of 10 children on the island of Oahu, praying and singing in the Catholic Church.  Intrigued with other spiritual traditions from a young age, Gloria explored a multitude of philosophies and religions, connecting deeply with the teachings of Baha'i, Tibetan Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, and Krishna Consciousness.  She has lived and practiced at Krishna temples, ashrams, churches, and healing centers around the world, & lived off-grid in the Hawaiian Jungle to experience simple living and high thinking.

Gloria practices and shares Agni Hotra, Vedic fire ceremony, teaches kirtan, chanting + harmonium, and is an expert in Vinyasa Yoga with a background in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin Yoga, Restorative, Hatha, and Vinyasa Flow. She has lead over 20 teacher trainings and retreats globally, and shares her love of Bhakti Yoga through body, breath and voice.

"Let yourself be silently drawn, by the strange pull of what you really love." 


DECEMBER 1-22, 2021

Zuna Yoga 200hr YTT at Villa Gaia Ubud Bali

Share an unforgettable, fun-filled experience as you journey through the rich landscape of yoga. You will cultivate a solid foundation in tradition and the techniques necessary for competently teaching Yoga at a 200 hour RYT® certification level!

The Zuna Yoga® 200 hour yoga teacher training course is a comprehensive and professional program. Every aspect of this training has been methodically tailored to provide you the best education and the deepest experience possible on every level. Our yoga instructor certification course presents an in-depth study of Asana (posture), Pranayama (breathing practices), Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, Prana and the Energetic Body, Class Sequencing and Adjustments, as well as instruction on how to develop a personal meditation practice. The fundamentals of Ayurveda and its importance will also be covered. We present an academic review of yogic philosophy, method and science as well as a thorough practical understanding through group practice and practicums, led by our highly qualified instructors, that give our students ample opportunity to refine their skills.

Zuna Yoga® 200 hour yoga training program (accredited by Yoga Alliance) includes a vigorous two-hour + asana practice most days, twice daily and required readings. We strongly recommend that applicants have one year of consistent asana practice and are relatively comfortable practicing intermediate back bends and inversions. If you are new to yoga, this would not be an appropriate program in which to to participate. You will not benefit from learning yoga basics while simultaneously learning how to teach. That being said, if you have a regular yoga practice, you may be more ready than you think. We are looking for participants with a solid foundation in the basic and fundamental yoga postures. It is important to engage this training with a level of maturity, a willingness to learn and an understanding of the limits of your own body. Keep in mind this program is not only for aspiring teachers, but people who want to simply deepen their knowledge of yoga.

Embark on a transformational journey of yoga and its philosophy from the perspective of Art and Science. The Zuna Yoga teacher training in Bali is the one of the most comprehensive programs available today and guided by master teachers Everett Newell ERYT 500®, and Katherine Girling ERYT 500®. Our yoga instructor courses are offered as intensive yoga teacher training retreats in one one of the beautiful. You'll dive deep into the science of yoga, exploring its diverse teachings and the profound knowledge that underlies its practices and traditions.





If we haven't the strength to impose our own terms upon life, then we must accept what it offers us. − T.S. Elliot

Everett Newell has been involved in the energetic arts since 1978. His practice of these arts began with Hapkido, a Korean martial art that led him to one of his most revered teachers Grand Master Bong Soo Han with whom he studied and had a close relationship with for more than 20 years. Everett taught at the International Hapkido Federation® Headquarters in Santa Monica, CA for over 10 Years.

His exploration of Yoga began in 1992 and has been a journey through many traditions such as Tantra, Hatha, Anusara Yoga®, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Taoism and more. Everett's journey has also been influenced by the mastery of many teachers such as Swami Rama, Panditji Rajmani Tigunait, Gary Krafstow, Yogi Bhajan, Dr. Glen Morris, Rod Stryker and the many gifted masters of the Bihar School of Yoga.

A life long fascination by the relationship of fear and the obstacles to success has led to an intensive study through a variety of modalities, including martial arts, yoga and success seminars with Fortune 500 CEO's, former US presidents, and sports and entertainment personalities. His realization: "Many philosophical systems teach us how to embody the traits of success, where as spiritual systems focus primarily on the achievement of fulfillment. Success does not necessarily lead to fulfillment, but in order to experience fulfillment in this worldly plane we must experience success......We are not just here to transcend suffering nor to enjoy the fruits of our labor; we must also fearlessly add to the tapestry of humanity."

Everett was cofounder of Divine Motion Yoga® Los Angeles (2001 − 2009) which was three times voted "Best Los Angeles Yoga Studio" via an audience poll on City Search.com. A second location was opened in Mt. Shasta, Ca in 2006. In 2010 he moved to New York City's Upper Westside where he taught at the one of the City's premier yoga studios, Pure Yoga® and NYLovesYoga. Everett is currently devoting his efforts to the sharing his own synthesis of yoga known as Zuna Yoga®, which he shares through workshops, trainings and retreats internationally.



I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart. − Vincent van Gogh

Originally from the UK, Katherine Girling was awarded the prestigious Chancellor's Scholarship and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Environmental Science and French and a BSc in Chemical Engineering. She was received academic scholarships for study abroad in France and China. She completed a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Northwestern Switzerland, with graduate work in Hanoi, Vietnam funded by UNIDO. Katherine has over 20 years experience in engineering, sales, marketing and training. She has traveled extensively, is fluent in French, German and English, has studied Chinese and Spanish, and has spent nearly 25 years living abroad.

She has been in love with movement her whole life, engaging passionately in team sports, outdoor sports and martial arts. Her first yoga class − now over 20 years ago − was in a gym, and was a purely physical introduction to the practice. While working as a radio DJ in Switzerland, she interviewed visiting teacher Doug Keller, who inspired her to pursue yoga on a deeper level. After a solo yoga expedition to Costa Rica, she was hooked, and wanted to learn more about this empowering practice.

She completed her first 200 hour Teacher Training at Pure Yoga® NYC in 2010. The same year, she was introduced to the Tantric Hatha style of Zuna Yoga® and was inspired by its depth. She left her job as a sales executive in the corporate world in 2013 to help expand the Zuna Yoga® program. She is now based full-time in Ubud Bali, where she has guided over 1,000 students on their yoga teacher training journey.

Katherine has completed additional training in Yoga Nidra, Integral Anatomy, Yoga Tune Up®, Anatomy Trains®, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Vipassana meditation. Teachers and scholars who have inspired her include Doug Keller, Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati, Georg Feuerstein, Jill Miller, Gil Hedley and Sensei Tim Hoover.



 21 Nights accommodation at Gaia Retreat Center, airport transfer, delicious buffet breakfast, lunch, afternoon fruit snack and dinner; unlimited filtered water, fresh coffee and herbal teas. All meals are vegetarian, local foods are emphasized with dietary restrictions (vegan, allergies) taken into consideration on your application. A group opening and closing dinner on the first and last evening are included.

The first step in booking your teacher training is to fill out the Zuna application form. Once your application is accepted, you can make a deposit of $750 to secure your spot. The remaining balance is due 60 days before the start of your program. Early bird discounts are offered to students who pay in full 6 months before the program begins. Course tuition includes all classes, course material and all course activities, a 400+ page manual, unlimited filtered water, fresh coffee & herbal teas, and afternoon fruit snack.


FEBRUARY 7-14, 2022

Gilly Da Silva 

Life Coach & Founder

Having experienced my own marriage breakdown after 20 years of being together, I realised I was lucky enough to have a strong network of friends to help and support me through such a difficult and sad time. Unfortunately not everyone has friends or family to offer unbiased support, so with this in mind I wanted to create a positive place for men and women to come together share their experiences, leave with new friends, learn to love themselves and be open for new love.

"Why it took a self-pitying £45k globe-trotting spree to teach me divorce is NOT freedom: A liberated, hedonistic lifestyle where domestic concerns cease to exist sounds ideal... but mother-of-two GILLY DA SILVA was desperately unhappy. The best thing I got from my divorce was the ability to help others who have been left heartbroken."

Read her story --> here

The retreat is to help start the healing process and give you the tools to move forward with your new life. Offering daily group therapy sessions with our highly trained counsellor with over 20 years experience in helping those who are bereaved and have undergone divorce & separation. We also welcome those who are going through life changing experiences. Offering daily group therapy sessions, yoga and meditation, three healthy meals a day, unlimited soft drinks, daily excursions, welcoming dinner and traditional Balinese dance.   

Reserve with just 30% deposit and pay the remaining balance by 11 October 2021.

FEBRUARY 16- 21, 2022

Trent Banyan High on Chi Retreat

Are you in need of a boost in energy - to feel more motivated, alive, connected with purpose? 

In this 6 day immersion created by Trent Banyan - founder of High on Chi - you will learn how to identify key areas of life, to cultivate and harness your energy by working through the Pillars of Chi Flow. You will learn and practice powerful skills to help micro-dose daily on chi and provide your body with a hit of energy when stagnation and lethargy kicks in.

What is ‘Chi’?

Chi (also spelt ‘qi’ or ‘ki’) is known in some traditions as prana, kundalini power, spirit, life force or simply energy. Its concept is derived directly from Taoist philosophy. Chi has also been translated as ‘air’ and ‘breath’ and figuratively as ‘material energy’ so it means life force or energy flow. It is the vital force and transformational power of energy that binds all objects and activities in nature into one organic system of form and function.

High on Chi uses the 8 Pillars of Chi Flow as a blueprint to identify areas of one’s life where they are wasting/leaking their chi and how they can improve it. When you are high on chi you are in the flow of life, you feel incredible and your beliefs, perceptions and mental state feels more balanced.

What’s Included?

Pillars of Chi Flow

Learn how sleep, nutrition, chi-cycle living, your environment, therapeutic exercise, meditation, self-care practices and having a sense of purpose and meaning affects your chi levels. We will greatly enhance these areas of your life and your overall chi levels through various talks, discussions and applying practices.

Daily Morning Practice

Each morning will begin at sunrise with sun-gazing and meditation followed by various chi practices inspired by qi gong and yoga. We will begin the day mindfully and prepare ourselves for the day ahead. Take away a morning ritual practice that will support your overall chi levels.

Group Healing Sessions

Most days there are some form of Group Esoteric Acupuncture or a visit to The Pyramids of Chi, for an Ancient Sound Healing. There is also the opportunity to have additional massages at Villa Gaia.

Nature Hikes

There will be an early morning wake up to summit a sacred mountain and a sunset walk through beautiful rice fields.

Healthy Meals - All included


Hi, I am the Creator and Director of High on Chi and live in the Noosa Hinterland on an organic farm in a tiny home with my wife and young daughter. I am a fully registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner and have been in private practice since the beginning of 2015. Since that time, I have worked with Noosa Confidential a sort after private rehabilitation program as an Acupuncturist, Yoga Therapist and Mindfulness Trail Facilitator. I was also the Program Leader of Dream Catcher Rehab, a program that ran Jost Sauer’s Recovery System.

I travelled extensively throughout my 20s and left a very well-paid job in construction in pursuit of creating the life I desired. In 2010, I found my calling to begin studying Traditional Chinese Medicine during my time in a 1-month meditation course in Guatemala. It was a pivotal turning point in my life. I moved from a life of material abundance, alcohol, drugs and partying to a holistic lifestyle filled with yoga and meditation practices. I found and connected into the power of chi (energy) and observed how it moves through everything. The ‘chi’ highs and reaching altered states naturally, is one of the main reasons why I have not turned back to old patterns.

Now, when I am not climbing mountains, I am providing Chi Flow Consultations and Esoteric Acupuncture from my High on Chi clinic space on the Sunshine Coast in Australia as well as online via zoom. I also facilitate various events and mentoring programs as well as on transformational retreats.

MARCH 18-25, 2022

Molly Rose Island Retreat Villa Gaia Bali

In Tarot, the Empress is the archetype of the fully embodied woman. She sits on her throne, wearing her crown of twelve stars, representing her connection to the cycles of the natural world + the mystical realms. She holds a scepter in her hand, symbolizing her sense of sovereignty and power over her world. She is the creatrix of her life and is representative of the goddess Mother Earth herself. She is the divine feminine embodied, trusting in her own innate wisdom, living in alignment with the essence of her being and the essence of nature. The Empress is the perfect representation of how I feel whenever I’m in Bali: fully embodied, deeply connected to the wonder of nature and the magic of the spiritual world, which are of course one in the same and only a reflection of the world within.

When I think of embodying femininity I think of the water element. Fluid, free flowing, powerful yet soft. Water is central to every facet of Balinese life. From the ocean that surrounds it, to the water that nourishes the rice paddies, to the powerful flowing waterfalls, and the island's religion itself, the Religion of Holy Water. Known throughout Indonesia as the island of Holy Water, Bali is one of the most high vibrational and spiritually rich destinations in the world. The energy is palpable. Every time I find myself in the land of Gods & Goddesses I uncover something new about myself without even searching. Simply being in the presence of this land evokes some undiscovered wisdom from within. A magic that cannot be translated through photos and words, it must be felt and experienced by the individual.

On the Island Empress: Bali retreat we will be surrendering to the guidance of this lush and mystical land. In a safe and intimate container we will explore practices that return us to our authentic nature, whole and divine. From yoga, meditation, and breathwork, to dance, journaling, and full moon rituals. Through rich cultural experiences, water temple blessings, and cacao ceremonies, we will invite ourselves to sink deeper into our own embodiment. All beings, whether Male or Female, have a feminine essence. It is the water within, the creative force that flows through you, it is life force itself.

Join me for a week in the spiritual heart of Indonesia to leave behind the chaos of daily life, slow down, and awaken your inner light.


Whats Included:

-7 nights gorgeous accommodation

-Daily breakfast buffet with incredible vegan options (think smashed avocado toast and chia coconut yogurt)

-Roundtrip airport transfer

-2 nourishing dinners

-Excursion to Tegnungan Waterfall

-Spiritual cleanse and water temple blessing at Tirta Empul, Temple of Holy Spring Water

-Daily morning yoga + meditation classes with yours truly

-Yin, breathwork, yoga nidra, and sound healing workshops

-Full moon cacao ceremony + agni hotra fire ritual

-Unlimited coffee, tea, and drinking water

-All natural soap + shampoo made locally in Bali


Additional Magic:

- Discounted Balinese 1hr Massage

-Discounted colonics (colon hydrotherapy- I swear by these!)

-Guided hikes of surrounding rice fields

-Ubud Market Shopping: the best shopping of anywhere I’ve been in the entire world! Think: dreamcatchers, home decor, clothing, jewelry, artisan crafts, and more.



Molly Rose is an international yoga teacher and breathwork facilitator. She believes that through developing a true sense of our innate power, we can awaken our soul purpose and lead a life that is sacred; one full of ease, abundance, and magic. Molly leads international retreats all over the world, hosts online astrology workshops + moon circles, and teaches at yoga festivals and studios worldwide.

APRIL 1-5 & JULY 14-18 

Sisterhood + Local Culture + Regional Cuisine + Relaxation + Fun

As with the five elements in nature, this retreat curated by Naima Woodson of www.beachbumwisdomco.com has been thoughtfully orchestrated with each element creating the other and working together to support a beautifully balanced vacation experience.  Aside from Bali being one of the most high vibration, spiritually magnetic, lush, naturally and culturally beautiful places on earth, her love of the culture, food and spas inspired her to create a retreat where you can deeply nourish yourself, indulge, and have fun with kindred spirits. 

You will see amazing sights, explore majestic temples, splash around in the sea, sip cocktails on white sandy beaches with stunning sunsets, eat fresh and organic regional cuisine, get massages and more! On this mainly all-inclusive journey, you will have some time on your own to explore the island.  Spend a half-day at the spa for a relaxing Ayurvedic body treatment and fragrant flower blossom bath, wander through rice fields, shop the colorful markets, splash around in a waterfall, take a yoga class, visit the Monkey Forest, check out the night-life.After all, this is YOUR time to feed your mind, body and soul, as you wish.



Amazing villa accommodations at Villa Gaia in Ubud 
Airport shuttle and ground transportation to and from all group excursions
Nourishing and indulgent breakfasts, lunches and dinners (with vegan, vegetarian and meat options)
Cultural Excursions & Classes
A luxurious Balinese Spa experience

View Naima Woodson's past retreat at Gaia Retreat Center by clicking - here 

AUGUST 24-31, 2022

The Phoenix Retreat by Kendra Davies is a luxurious, transformational, and all-inclusive retreat for women. The Retreat is named after the mythical bird that sets itself aflame, then rises anew from the ashes. This is a healing retreat to find yourself, or rather, to Rise Anew! You will learn how to drop the armor, shed the old skin, and live a more joy-FULL and authentic life.  

We will dive deep down and do the necessary work to free ourselves from the limiting beliefs that lead us to this spot in life – uncovering our purpose and redefining what we want our lives to be. 

Once you see who you are and learn to identify define and cultivate your own purpose – you will naturally give up shame and guilt, you will embrace forgiveness, and love yourself flaws and all.

You will learn Radical self-acceptance which comes when we are willing to see ourselves exactly as we are, right where we are – and accept all of it.

The greatest gift most women take with them from the retreat are the connections they make with other women. You will get to take that same love, support, and accountability home with you. Kendra is committed to empowering her clients to live their best most authentic lives. She started Stellar Life Coaching in 2013 with the mission to transform how we live love and do business using the powerful science of Positive Psychology. She is an accomplished speaker, and her professional contributions have been published on Monster.com, NYDailyNews.com, Redbookmag.com, Sparkpeople.com, and Bustle.com

What is Included?

Transportation to and from the airport, all of your accommodations, all food/beverage, 24/7 concierge service, daily yoga and meditation practices, hike to the waterfalls in the jungle and sound bath in an ancient temple. More than that we will meditate in the rice fields, and do our deepest work. The souls work comes alive in Bali with ancient traditions and sacred grounds – we will shed that old skin, the armor, and the beliefs that no longer serve us and RISE anew. 

NOVEMBER 11-16,2022

Erika Cramer - The Queen of Confidence

Erika Cramer, the founder of The Queen of Confidence who is taking a bold stand for women to reclaim their self confidence, returns to Gaia Retreat Center with her beloved husband Hamish Cramer of Manfulness who both co-create and bring a deep level of holistic experience, meditation and personal fitness training designed to inspire the Mind, Body and Spirit connection. 

Erika and Hamish encourage women to end people pleasing, self judgment, comparison and to let go of caring so much what other people think of us.

This highly anticipated co-facilitated 6 day retreat for women will be based on working with the mind, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours via modalities of coaching, mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy, shamanic healing, movement, meditation & neuroscience to inspire action, change, connection and deep compassion and acceptance of self and others.

Here you will be safely guided and lead in order to push past comfort and into the rebirth of you are really meant to be. This retreat will leave you feeling, energised, rejuvenated, clear minded, expanded and ready to experience yourself on a whole new level.


Click HERE to view 2019 retreat at Villa Gaia


  Erika speaks regularly to groups of women and mothers on the topic of Self confidence, Self-love and vulnerability. She facilitates Confidence masterclasses in Melbourne whilst running her coaching business where she coaches women both privately and in groups settings. Erika keeps it raw, real and entertaining whilst inspiring women everywhere to be who they are and stand in their fully expressed selves. Joining her is husband Hamish Cramer, founder of Manfulness who brings a deep level of holistic experience, meditation and personal fitness training designed to inspire the Mind, Body and Spirit connection.


All transportation including pick-up and drop-off to the airport as well as local transportation to all our retreat run excursions in Ubud
5 nights / 6 days accommodation at our gorgeous retreat centre in Ubud, Bali
All Meals (unless we go out for group dinner) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Unlimited filtered water and herbal tea. Your choice of Organic, plant-based, protein animal based, vegan, vegetarian or primarily raw meals designed to nourish your body
Daily Mindset sessions for expansion and empowering transformation
Morning and night meditation sessions
Access to salt water infinity pool, hot tub, infrared sauna, 4 bikes, library, yoga mats and props
Nightly groups circles
2 x One on one Video call Before and after the retreat to connect, support and nurture you through your experience.
Free time to relax, read, explore and heal
Personalised welcome gift
Complimentary natural products during your stay
Discounted spa treatments (massage, colonic, facial, reflexology etc.)
Complimentary wifi
Professional and personal support to assist you in anything you need emotionally and physically through out your stay
1 on 1 holistic mind, body spirit session with Erika and Hamish Group activities for connection, spirituality, growth and manifestation
Morning rice terrace walks
Water purification experience at Tampak Siring Holy Water Temple
Explore the Historical Temples & Meditation Chambers of Gunung Kawi

Dates TBC -2022 

Ladan Soltani Yoga Meditation Retreat in Bali - Villa Gaia

Ladan is a yoga & meditation practitioner who facilitates her own classes, workshops, and retreats internationally. She trained with Sivananda Yoga in the Himalayas and Mysore style Ashtanga in San Francisco with Greenpath Yoga and has invested 30 years of her life in health, well-being and mindfulness. Ladan is a writer for Huffington Post (click here to read more), published author of "Fabulous Fitness at 40", and teacher for various Fitness TV Sky channels.  She loves teaching yoga as it has allowed her to become aligned with her true sense of purpose in life. She lives by the Eastern philosophy that yoga is about self-realization. 

Each morning, overlooking spectacular views of terraced rice-fields and palm trees, we will start with a yoga practice to establish and learn the basic fundamentals of the postures and refine them by going into more detail. The style and discipline taught will be a mixture of Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga. Ladan will be giving plenty of adjustments and demonstrations, so you may feel more empowered within your practise. She will offer modifications when available for beginners, as well as options for more advanced poses. Everyone will receive personal attention.

During evenings, there will be guided meditation, yin yoga sessions, yoga nidra, breath-work and a core workshop to help build strength so your back and spine feels more stronger and supple. This will help you to gain more knowledge so you can practice with confidence on your own with inner peace.


- 7 nights accommodation - Morning yoga classes - Evening guided meditation/yin yoga/yoga nidra - 7 healthy delicious breakfasts - 2 nutritious 3 course evening meals at Villa Gaia - Welcome meal on arrival - 2 Excursions to historical temples and a waterfall - Workshop for back care - Balinese massage - Airport Pick up and drop off - Unlimited Tea, coffee, water - Use of Jacuzzi and infrared sauna - Options for sound healing classes 


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