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Bali Indonesia | The Five Elements Retreat

April 1 - April 6, 2024

The welcoming people, the rich culture, the fresh food, the lush jungle landscape and flawless beaches, the beautiful smells of incense, flowers and sacred offerings… this place gives us the heaven on Earth feels! Being blessed with the opportunity to explore this island since 2014, every year since we’ve made our way back, sharing the “Island of the Gods” with women from around the world. Each time, we envision ourselves returning again soon. Its energy calls us, pulls us in, and expands our hearts and souls with each journey. We are so proud and excited to honor our spirit led vision to create a truly rich experience for you! This offering and special invitation is for an intimate group of women who feel called to this sacred land to experience what we call “THE FIVE ELEMENTS”.

Sisterhood + Local Culture + Regional Cuisine + Relaxation + Fun
As with the five elements in nature, this retreat has been thoughtfully orchestrated with each element creating the other and working together to support a beautifully balanced vacation experience. Aside from Bali being one of the most high vibration, spiritually magnetic, lush, naturally and culturally beautiful places on earth, our love of the culture, food and spas inspired us to create a retreat where you can deeply nourish yourself, indulge, and have fun with kindred spirits.

What will we do?
We’ll see amazing sights, explore majestic temples, splash around in the sea, eat fresh and organic regional cuisine, get massages and more! Aside from all that we have planned with this mainly all-inclusive journey, you will have some time on your own to explore the island. Spend a half-day at the spa for a relaxing Ayurvedic body treatment and fragrant flower blossom bath, wander through rice fields, shop the colorful markets, splash around in a waterfall, take a yoga class, visit the Monkey Forest, check out the night-life… after all, this is YOUR time to feed your mind, body and soul, as you wish.

What’s included?
The Five Elements Retreat will include:

~ Amazing accommodations in Ubud

Our journey will take place in the heart of terraced rice fields located in the creative mecca of Ubud – the most desirable location in Bali. Think swaying palm trees, therapeutic breezes, beautifully landscaped rice terraces and wind chimes singing away. Each room is spacious and well appointed with modern convenience, yet maintains a peaceful Balinese feel. Enjoy spectacular pool and rice field views to soothe the body and mind. Just a short stroll away, you will find a large variety of shopping markets, world class restaurants, spas and yoga studios galore.

~ An airport shuttle and ground transportation to and from all group excursions

The drivers that we have arranged are safe, extremely kind and accommodating. You will be warmly greeted at the airport and shuttled in an air-conditioned vehicle with other retreat guests.

~ Nourishing and indulgent breakfasts, lunches and dinners (with vegan, vegetarian and meat options)

Most meals will be prepared by our outstanding chefs as well as local, intentionally chosen restaurants where we know the food is amazing! We like food. A LOT! We like to smell it, taste it, take pictures of it… in fact, it’s one of our favorite things about visiting new places around the world – and Bali happens to be one of our top choice regions for food. Delicious is an understatement and we’ve yet to try anything that we have disliked. You can taste the freshness, nothing is processed, the flavor is amazing, and you’ll go home wishing you had a personal Balinese chef of your own.

~ Excursions & Classes

We have a beautifully balanced selection of excursions and classes for you including:

A visit to the Tirta Empul Holy Water Spring where you will take part in a spiritual cleanse at one of the largest water temples in Indonesia. The water in the pools is believed to have magical powers and local Balinese as well as tourists come here to purify themselves under the 30 spouts of natural, spring fed water.

A visit to one of the most beautiful rice terraces in Bali for a hike, scenic outlook, and photos…because the photo opportunities are amazing here! This ancient valley has a timeless quality and is an unforgettable sight to see.

A cultural experience such as a flower offering class to learn more about the ‘canang sari’ you’ll see all over the island, which is a therapeutic ritual (meditation in motion) that will encourage your artistic side and creativity while learning more about Bali’s rich culture – or – a private Balinese interactive cooking class where we will pick out fresh and local ingredients and unique spices from the “Island of the Gods” and cook and enjoy our own meal, led by a Balinese chef.

A visit to one of our favorite local spas for a relaxing traditional Balinese spa experience. If this sounds like bliss… it is! Given that Bali is an epicenter for all things spiritual, spa-ing here is a quasi-religious experience; and this top of the line spa is a high altar to indulgence. Set in lush greenery, this healing sanctuary ooses serenity and the rituals that take place inside will surely leave you wanting more.

Sisterhood circle empowerment sessions to awaken and guide you into living your divine plan. Whether you know it or not, you are a divine being with a purpose to be fulfilled in this lifetime. Discovering your divine plan is a process, like peeling back the layers of an onion. No one can reveal this to you… rather, it is a process of self discovery. And to know yourself, you must go within. These interactive sessions will assist you in fully embracing the vision that you have for your life, walking the path of your divine purpose.

Exercises and activities led by our guest host, Andrea (@metaphysicaldre). Andrea is a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation & Breathwork Guide. With over 5 years of experience, she has assisted hundreds of souls on their healing journey. Andrea focuses on hands-on healing, mindfulness and self-awareness practices to help individuals intentionally release stress, tension, and anxiety from their mind, body, and spirit.

~Free Time

Spent however you wish! It’s important for us to create an experience that’s perfect for YOU. You may wish to spend your free time reflecting or relaxing… journaling or swimming… at a spa or in town shopping… exploring adventurous sights… feeding monkeys in the forest… you decide. We’ve made sure to offer you a free day to do whatever you feel and can also assist in making personal excursion arrangements for you.

~Surprise Gifts & Extras!



Naima Solano | Founder of Beachbum Wisdom Retreats

From the Americas, to Bali, Tulum, Egypt, India, Peru and beyond, my beautiful and life-altering travel journeys provide a unique opportunity for women to vacation in a meaningful way, to some of the most amazing destinations on Earth. I am so proud and excited to honor my spirit led vision to create rich spaces for women to gather and explore the world with other like-minded, amazing, down-to-earth women, committed to self-evolvement. If you’re looking for a vacation where you can deeply relax, discover your greatest potential and deepest longings for happiness, inner peace and bliss, all in the midst of beautiful surroundings, culture, the best food and sisterhood. you may have been led here to discover “THE FIVE ELEMENTS” retreats! My exclusive, one-of-a-kind retreat offerings are for women who feel called to sacred lands to experience a beautiful balance of Sisterhood + Local Culture + Regional Cuisine + Relaxation + Fun! I have thoughtfully chosen all of our accommodations, excursions, meals, and experiences to provide a truly idyllic, safe and memorable experience. The Five Elements Retreats are NOT YOUR AVERAGE WELLNESS RETREAT! My retreats are rooted in authenticity, introspection, fun and exploration. Although we may engage in light meditation, restorative movement and self-reflection exercises throughout the retreat, these are not a meditation retreats… these are not yoga retreats… and we keep it VERY REAL! I am not here to teach you… I am here to remind you of what you already know. I create the space… you create the journey within.


APRIL 21-26 , 2024

Spiritual Vegan Health Coach, Felicia Cox, who made the transition in 2012 and tried it all from raw vegan, to vegetarian, plant-based, and vegan throughout her spiritual journey— is excited to introduce the rundown on everything plant-based/vegan and how her spirituality began with food and meditation. 

Felicia believes that a plant-based is more than a diet. It's a lifestyle and spiritual practice that contributes to your overall physical, mental, spiritual, emotional wellness and health. Felicia offers education through services and products with personalized guidance that will get you on track to be confident in what you eat and how you feel about it, while enjoying every step of this uplifting (and delicious!) retreat at your own pace. 

All backgrounds, levels, walk of life are welcome! 

I N C L U D E S:

6 Days, 5 Nights at Gaia Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali

Daily Vegan Meals Buffet (Breakfast & Dinner)

1-Hour Complimentary full body Balinese massage

RAW Vegan Cooking Class

Herbal Education Class

Juicing Workshop (cold-pressed included)

Far infrared sauna

Soft hot tub jacuzzi

Guided Meditation




Round Trip ground transportation

(to and from airport on check in and check out dates)


A C T I V I T I E S:

Tirta Empul Holy Water Spring Cleanse

Historical temples & meditation chambers of gunung kawi


Additional options offered by the retreat center for an additional cost:

$50 | Colonic Hydrotherapy

**must pre-book this service prior to travel**


Bali Soul Retreat
A Six-Night Transformational Journey

May 1–7 2024

If you’re feeling lost and disconnected and you’re ready to get more out of life, join me for a week long journey that will deepen your connection and change the way you show up for yourself in profound ways. 

Are you stuck in a cycle of over-doing, over-giving and under-living?

Are you at a crossroads in life and wondering what’s next?

Are you ready to break the cycle of over-doing, over-giving and under-living? 

Are you ready for more joy, more fun, more adventure, and more moments that take your breath away?

Are you ready for a change? 

If you’re ready to say a resounding YES to yourself, join me on a magical and rejuvenating 7 day journey to Bali, the island of the Gods. Here, amidst pristine rice fields, ancient temples and an abundance of natural wonders, you’re invited to let go of the responsibility and obligations, to surrender to your own inner hearts calling and rediscover the pure joy that comes with total freedom, adventure and authentic self expression. 

It’s time to live your life bravely and love your life fiercely.  

You lead a busy life and the mental load you’re carrying is exhausting.

You feel trapped by routine and responsibility and you’re longing to break free so you can rediscover your own needs, passions and desires. 

You want to show up as the best version of yourself but you’re struggling to navigate the identity shift and inner split of being a woman in the modern world. Amidst juggling various roles, you feel as though you’ve lost sight of your own self. 

You wake on your last morning in Bali and the sun is just beginning to rise, casting a golden glow over the landscape and making the dewdrops on the rice plants sparkle like tiny diamonds.

The air is fresh and warm, filled with the sound of wind chimes and chirping birds. Nearby, a farmer is tending to his fields, you have been watching his slow and rhythmic movements all week, and you now feel completely in tune with these peaceful surroundings.

Incense from the morning prayers wafts through the air, mingling with the scent of frangipani flowers. 

You now remember who you were before the fatigue, stress and constant worry set in. You remember when life was fun, you played and laughed a lot. 

Here, in the most inspiring and supportive space imaginable, you feel yourself reconnect with those feelings again. You have expanded your awareness of yourself and reconnected with your own needs, passions, dreams and desires. You have let go of everything that is no longer serving you, knowing you’re returning home feeling lighter, ready to walk boldly into your next season of life.

Has life become a problem to be solved rather than an adventure to be lived?

You’re craving more joy, more fun and more love, but life feels very mundane and boring and you don’t know what lights you up anymore.

You want to feel more connected to yourself and those around you, and you want to stop worrying so you can feel more fulfilled, calm and present.

It’s time to drop the heavy load you’ve been carrying, slow down long enough to hear the gentle whispers of your heart so you can step back into your life feeling happier, calmer, having regained your vibrancy and joy for life.

"I felt like I was going through life on a hampster wheel and I didn’t know how to get off. And I’d lost a piece of me, even the piece of me that knew how to have fun. Going to Bali on my own for 7 days was the most amazing gift I could have given myself. My life is forever changed. I have never felt more relaxed physically, emotionally, mentally. I’ve had time to focus on me and who I want to be, what I want more of in my life to make me happy. If you are in a place where you’re feeling tired, stuck, overwhelmed, unhappy,  like you want to get more out of life but you don’t know how. I would highly recommend this retreat. This has honestly been the best thing I could have ever given myself. I’m so grateful I decided to put me first and for the amazing experience I had with Hart and Soul Retreat. " - Anna

A woman is not stagnant, she does not stay the same, holding onto the same values and ideas of what makes her happy.

You are allowed to outgrow yourself.

The purpose of your journey through life is to face life’s transitions and challenges with the inner knowing that these experiences are here to help you grow and evolve beyond what you thought was possible.

This is your opportunity to open yourself up to learning and growing, and in the process you’re also exercising your faith to believe for greater things.

This journey to Bali isn’t a mere pause button or a tick off your bucket list. This is a journey of self-love, a time to nurture your body, soothe your mind, and feed your soul.

This is an opportunity for a re-birth.  An invitation to find yourself again, to gather all the parts of yourself that may have been left behind over the years and come back to a place of wholeness. With the mystical Mama Bali as your sanctuary and your playground, you can reconnect with yourself and surrender to an inner peace and knowing that your current self may not have felt in a long time.

Whether you’re coming to Bali to find yourself or to let something go, to birth something new or to transform, you will find it here. 


Imagine arriving at a tranquil oasis, a serene space of swaying palm trees and verdant rice terraces, the emerald-green fields stretching out before you.

This is Villa Gaia, nestled in the heart of Ubud’s beautiful terraced rice fields. The grand entrance opens up to marble and teak wood with semi open spaces which blend seamlessly with the surrounding nature, creating a space that encourages introspection and relaxation.

A fresh water pool, soft hot tub jacuzzi, infrared sauna, in-house spa and a dining area with a magnificent vista that is quintessential Bali. 

There are 10 dedicated villa staff to ensure your every need is met. You are greeted each day with smiling faces and warm greetings, who quickly become family after your first shared exchange. You will feel loved and cared for every day of your retreat. 

You’ll experience the intoxicating magic of Balinese culture, and enjoy the deepest, most peaceful slumber of your life.

All this awaits you, and so much more.


Each day you will enjoy soul nourishing meals that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Prepared with love by local chefs, each dish is a celebration of Bali’s rich culinary heritage. Fresh tropical fruits, organic vegetables, and locally sourced proteins come together in a symphony of flavors that nourish the body and delight the senses.

You’ll have the chance to delight in iconic Balinese flavours with favourites such as Nasi Goreng and Gado Gado, alongside beautiful fresh curries, local seafood, abundant salads and nourishing soul bowls. 

All meals are designed to be good for your body, soul and of course, your tastebuds! 


Each day of your retreat begins with a sacred ritual, a practice that allows you to connect with the divine energy that permeates Bali. These rituals, steeped in tradition and performed with reverence, provide a grounding start to each day. They are an opportunity to cleanse your soul, set your intentions, and align yourself with the natural rhythms of the universe.

As the day unfolds, you’re invited to participate in healing sessions designed to restore balance, gain insights and promote wellbeing. These sessions draw on traditional Balinese healing practices, harnessing the power of nature and the wisdom of generations. Whether it’s a massage using locally sourced herbs and oils, a guided meditation session amidst the tranquil Balinese landscape, a cleansing ritual at the water temple or a visit to a traditional Balinese healer, each experience is designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

Each day you will also venture out with our personal guide and driver, giving you the chance to explore the real and authentic side of Bali, and help you rediscover your adventurous spirit and reignite your passion and joy for life.

In the afternoon, head to the on-site spa, your haven for relaxation. Here, you can surrender to the blissful pleasure of traditional Balinese spa treatments with each treatment designed to make you feel pampered and cherished.

You will leave your week in Bali with a radiant glow emanating from within, a testament to the transformative journey you’ve undertaken. Your body will feel lighter, your mind clearer, and your spirit uplifted. 

And you will feel ever so grateful you said yes to all of it.

Feminine Power Retreat

May 23-28 2024

Are you feeling lost, disempowered, or struggling to find your own path? Do you battle imposter syndrome, torn between societal expectations and your true self, and harbor self-limiting beliefs of not feeling good enough or deserving?

It’s time for a transformative shift.

Welcome to our Bali Retreat – a sanctuary for women like you who seek clarity, empowerment, and a deeper connection with their authentic selves.

Go from disempowered to empowered. Shed the Imposter and rise in your Confidence as the true version of you emerges!

In society, women are often presented with two limited archetypes: hypermasculinity or passive femininity. We believe in a third way, a harmonious blend of empathy, collaboration, and collective power that allows you to craft a life that’s uniquely yours.

Plan your Rising! 23-28 May 2024

Join us in Bali for an immersive experience where you’ll not only explore the breathtaking landscapes but also embark on a journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

It’s time to script the next chapter of your life, with confidence, authenticity, and a newfound sense of purpose.

Learn how to…

BE powerful yet still feminine

BE assertive but remain compassionate

LEAD from your heart without the need to compete with others
achieve success without exhaustion and ‘hustling mode’

BALANCE feminine and masculine energies within you

Create a new story with feminine power. 

It’s your story, so create your own plot twist! 

Plan your Rising!

We’ll guide you on how to use your authentic feminine power to navigate the world, leading to greater happiness, peace, and contentment. Say goodbye to feeling disempowered or overwhelmed.

You need to embrace your power, and do it unapologetically.

Seize this opportunity to embark on a life-altering journey, surrounded by the lush beauty of Bali. Embrace your unique feminine power and unlock a world of limitless potential. This retreat is your catalyst for transformation, your sanctuary of empowerment, and your gateway to a life filled with fulfillment and contentment.

We will hike to the waterfalls in the jungle, and receive a water blessing in an ancient temple. More than that we will meditate in the rice fields, and do our deepest work.

This retreat is for women:

  • of all stages of their lives, that are ready to take their power back, and do it unapologetically
  • who are curious about exploring the depths of their inner selves, seeking to tap into their inner wisdom, and nurturing their personal growth.
  • who are looking for a clearer sense of purpose, direction, and a renewed perspective on life’s journey.
  • who might be feeling drained, overwhelmed, or disconnected and are seeking a retreat that offers rejuvenation and renewal.
  • who are ready to connect and lead from their feminine power!

The soul comes alive in Bali with ancient traditions and sacred grounds – we will shed that old skin, and the beliefs that no longer serve us and RISE anew.

Join an extraordinary retreat to Bali, where luxury merges with self-discovery, and you become the author of your life’s best chapter yet.

We will help you shift and transform these beliefs so that you can step into your own unique power and recognise your unique strengths. 

You will learn how to re-imagine your work and life through a lens of feminine power. 

Dr Petra and I are experts in helping people transform. This retreat is going to be a transformative experience where you will be given tools and strategies to use feminine and collective power. And you will be in safe hands with experienced and qualified facilitators. 

We’ll hold space to explore the stories that have influenced your use of power to date, and we’ll shift some of those narratives as well and move together through transformation supported by other women. 

And of course, we’re going to have fun! You’ll be free to enjoy a beautiful place and an exceptional environment. You’ll make lifelong friends. And you’ll walk away with strategies to better lead yourself and others and become awakened to more powerful roles and opportunities in your life. 

This will be the beginning

The all-inclusive package includes three group sessions with me after you return home from Bali to keep your transformative process alive when you are back in a familiar environment. We know how to make change stick, and will support you on your journey once you are home.

You’ll always cherish the investment you make in yourself!

Testimonials from participants

"The program exceeded my expectations. Absolutely loved the retreat, the venue was beautiful, the workshops were engaging with great facilitation and it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with and learn from other women. Also it was a fabulous opportunity to experience and learn about Balinese culture" -


Organisational Psychologist

"It was all beautiful as I allowed myself each day to be open to what was being revealed in every moment! " -


ex Principal

"So much about personal power comes from the connections we make with others and the learning we do from others. Having this opportunity in a wonderful location only enhanced the experience" -


Researcher and Author

"Magical, surreal, spiritual and the perfect place to connect with yourself " -


Professional Services

Join us in May 2024
All inclusive

Together we will explore the four feminine archetypes that create femininity and how we are using these energies to create the life outcomes we want. We will explore what holds us back, what are the self limiting beliefs we tell ourselves, like we’re not good enough, or we don’t deserve it. Using proven psychological techniques and we will shift these beliefs to allow for more acceptance and confidence in our lives.  

And of course we will have fun! There will be lots of time for exploring, self care through the wonderful massage spa services provided on site, and fun group dinners and excursions. You will be immersed in Bali culture as you unwind and reveal your true potential to weild your feminine power. 

If you’d like to join me again for a deeper and even more intensive experience in another beautiful location, please register your interest here.

Luxury Bali Villa: Gaia Retreat

Gaia Retreat Center is nestled in the heart of terraced rice fields located in the creative mecca of Ubud – the most desirable location in Bali and voted the friendliest town in Asia –

  • The view from the villa is quintessential Bali. Think swaying palm trees, therapeutic breeze, beautifully landscaped rice terraces and wind chimes singing away.
  • The grand entrance of Villa Gaia opens up to marble and teak wood that has 8 bedrooms, on-site massage room, far infrared sauna, soft hot tub jacuzzi and semi open dining area overlooking the rice terraces of Bali.
  • The private beautiful chlorine-free pool and sun-loungers are positioned to view and soothe, the body and mind.
  • You can take a leisurely 15 minute stroll to the town center of Ubud and discover a vast array of markets, plant based restaurants, Balinese local warungs (cafes) and a plethora of spas and yoga studios.


  • A transformational program with two facilitators.
  • 1:1 session with the facilitator valued at $650.
  • Post-retreat group coaching sessions x 3 valued at $1,320 (to embed the insights from the retreat once you’re home).
  • Lots of free time for you to reflect and explore our surroundings.
  • Daily Complimentary Breakfast Buffet and Lunches for on-site guests.
  • Welcome flower mandala arrangement.
  • All-natural soap & shampoo and made locally in Bali.
  • Daily maid service and 24-hour security and free Wifi.
  • Unlimited supply of drinking water, herbal tea + Balinese coffee.
  • Private chlorine-free swimming pool, far infrared sauna, hot tub jacuzzi.
  • Free car & driver to inside of the Ubud area, transfers are complimentary for guests in a group transfer format.
  • Complimentary Excursions.
  • Discounted full-body Balinese massage.
  • Discounted colonics.
  • Complimentary Airport / Hotel pick up & drop-off.

Day 1: Arrival and Balinese Welcome

Day 2: Our Life Wheel and Future Self meditation

Day 3: Water Temple excursion and Feminine energy meditation

Day 4: Archetypes and how to lead with Queen Energy

Day 5: Womb Healing and Re-writing your story

Day 6: Departures

Join us in May 23-28 2024

If you’d like to join me again for a deeper and even more intensive experience in another beautiful location, please register your interest here.

Sacred Serenity Retreat

9 - 15 June 2024

Sacred Serenity in Ubud

Join us at one of the most high vibrational, spiritually charged, vibrant, and culturally beautiful places in the world, Ubud, from June 9th to 15th, 2024. Our journey will take place in the heart of terraced rice fields located in the creative mecca of Ubud – the most desirable location in Bali. This retreat promises not only a perfect reset for your mind, body, and spirit but also a profound transformation towards enhanced well-being.

What You Receive

  • 30 Minute one on one preliminary call to discuss your goals and intentions for the retreat

  • Six nights / seven days at the beautiful Gaia Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali.

  • Airport shuttle from Denpasar Bali, Indonesia (DPS) airport & back

  • One complimentary massage at the spa

  • Nourishing and indulgent breakfasts, lunches and dinners prepared by incredible chefs (with vegan, vegetarian and meat options).

  • Daily embodiment through yoga and meditation

  • Kava ceremonies

  • Two Entheobreath sessions

  • Daily reflective writing

  • Jungle excursion with elephants, monkeys, and sacred temples

  • Beach excursion to Uluwatu and local shops

  • Ayurvedic workshop and flower bath

  • Daily maid service and 24-hour security and free Wifi

  • Private chlorine-free swimming pool, far infrared sauna, hot tub jacuzzi

  • Personally curated gift bags and custom tote bags

    *Not included: airfare and additional excursions.


Superior Suite- (2,666) Double ($597 monthly payments). BOOKED

Bamboo Room- ($2,666) ($541.50 four monthly payments) Single (or 2,333 double) ($458.25 four monthly payments). BOOKED

Lotus 1 Private Room- ($2,999) Single ($624.75 four monthly payments) (2,555) Double ($513.75 four monthly payments) BOOKED

Garden Room - ($2,666) Double ($541.50 four monthly payments) - 1 bed available.

Lotus 2 Private Room ($2,999) Single ($624.75 four monthly payments) (2,555) Double ($513.75 four monthly payments)

Standard Terrace Garden- ($2,666) ($541.50 four monthly payments) Single (or 2,333 double) ($458.25 four monthly payments) *No private bathroom

Four Seasons Room- ($2,666) Double ($541.50 four monthly payments).

*Monthly payments include $500 deposit.

*Final payment is due May 1st, 2024.

Nourishing Meals

Experience daily nourishment crafted by our private chefs – energizing breakfasts, vibrant lunches, and wellness-celebrating dinners. Each meal is a delicious journey, every bite a moment of self-care.

I Am Worthy

… of a fulfilling opportunity that will enable me to reconnect with my true self. I am prepared to unwind, revitalize, and grant myself the precious presents of time and tranquility in Ubud, Bali.

SOUL YIN TOUCH Thai Yoga Retreat -
Bodywork & Yin Yoga TTC

July 27th – August 4th 2024

Embrace Presence & Awareness

What's unique about this retreat?

  • The Soul is touched with a diverse combination of spiritual practices (YIN Yoga, Yoga, Qi Gong & Bodywork/Massage) authentic excursions in nature and home made vegetarian food
  • Sleep in one of the most beautiful and lush retreat centers in Bali
  • Eat supreme veggy food home made by Gaia's kitchen stuff 
  • Be guided by highly skilled and experienced teachers & tour guides


  • learn simple tools to de-stress and relax the mind 
  • activate the physical body with a diverse offer of spiritual practices (YIN Yoga, Yoga, Qi Gong & Bodywork/Massage) & excursions into nature (Hiking/Beach etc)
  • gain more clarity - better decision making
  • Experience nature in a authentic way by practicing every day in front of a breath takinf scenery of lush green
  • Nourish your soul with organic food, singing circles & community
  • For Yoga Teachers/Holistic Professionals: Learn how to touch with pure presence & awareness and incorporate a new skill into your practice & classes
  • Receive 2 certificates in one Training - SOUL IN TOUCH Essentials & YIN Yoga TTC (for those who wanted to take it as a CPD for Yoga Teachers)

What’s the purpose of the SOUL YIN TOUCH Essentials Retreat? 

Being 100% present is very rare these days. Our attention capacity diminished in our daily life drastically, which has also an effect on human to human connection as a whole and therefore on our well-being and the immune system. Stress levels may raise, and we are more susceptible of feeling anxious, angry, and eating unhealthy food.

The SOUL YIN TOUCH Retreat was developed to raise presence & awareness with oneself, another & the surrounding nature. Using the practices of Yin Yoga, Qi Gong & Bodywork, stress levels may be released and peace is invited back into our lives.

Excursions to a wonderful place in nature and healthy, ecological food from Gaia Retreat Center are offered in order to connect to nature and stimulate all your senses.

Once feeling more balanced again, we can offer more awareness to the food we eat, to the movement our body is asking for, with whom we want to spend time with, the work we want to concentrate on, and the life we really want to live.

Going back to basics and practice being present & aware offers the support to connect back to your essence, your true nature.

The SOUL YIN TOUCH Essentials Retreat is a re-awakening of all the senses:

  • touching from your heart
  • listening with pure presence
  • seeing another with the eyes of compassion
  • smelling nature in its purity
  • tasting food consciously with pure pleasure

A beautiful journey back to an ‘human being’ rather than a ‘human doing’.


SOUL YIN TOUCH is a fusion of a unique Bodywork modality, called SOUL IN TOUCH Thaï Yoga Bodywork and YIN Yoga.

No matter if in between family members, friends or couples, to gift someone else with your attention and pure presence is already healing in many ways.

Through Bodywork & Yin Yoga, we relearn to just be, and actively listen, to give oneself and another the feeling to be heard, to be seen and to offer care from the heart.

The learnings of the SOUL YIN Touch Retreat can be adapted into your daily life, for instance:

  • the way we physically approach others
  • the way we communicate to others
  • the way we respond rather than react, remaining in our center, no matter what occurs.
  • what food our body is asking for
  • understanding more the natural connection in between human to human and human to nature
  • creating inner contentment with the healing power of being in a safe community

The healing power reveals through conscious touch, more so than simply applying  technique. Technique comes with experience, but the lasting nourishing effect is due to the care and presence you are able to offer. In the SOUL IN TOUCH method we practice a soft, gentle, at the same time profound touch. A touch that consists of pure presence and awareness, the hand melts in the other and starts to become one.

As we would ask for permission to enter into someone’s space or body, that’s where touch becomes meaningful, with a memorable blue print. A co-created healing space where the feeling of oneness unfolds organically.

This may sound an unachievable task, but you will be amazed how fast you will be able to practice to touch consciously, and incorporate this quality into your daily life.

Conscious Touch is the oldest existing healing power of humanity, we just need to come back into the feeling body.

SOUL YIN TOUCH Yoga Retreat - a co-creation of Marco & Mickey

Marco & Mickey are two Yogis, both with Italian roots, who love to teach and study spiritual practices. They met physically the first time in August 2023 in Bali and taught the SOUL IN TOUCH Thaï Yoga Bodywork Course in Ubud together. Having felt mutually a beautiful connection, they decided to fuse both of their passion of Bodywork and YIN Yoga together, and SOUL YIN TOUCH was born.

We’re very happy to offer this SOUL YIN TOUCH Retreat together and share our passion for Bodywork & Yin Yoga.

SOUL YIN TOUCH Yoga Retreat – at Gaia Retreat Center, Ubud, Bali

Under the slogan ‘presence & awareness’ we practice with joy, fusing elements of Yin Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa, Qi Gong, Singing, Breathing and of course SOUL IN TOUCH Thai Yoga Massage into our daily schedule. To experience the beauty of Bali, we will visit the Monkey Forest, exploring the massive and wise trees, to connect to nature in a unique way. 

Be in community

We ‘humans’ are made to be in community. Experience the beauty of practicing with someone else, sing together, and enjoy yourself in a loving and safe environment, while having the freedom also to be with yourself.

For whom is the SOUL YIN TOUCH Yoga Retreat?

SOUL YIN TOUCH Yoga Retreat is for all those, who would like to reinvite the practice of being aware of oneself, another and their surroundings, and want to be more present in their daily life with their loved ones, friends & colleagues. You don’t need to have any previous experience in Yoga, Qi Gong or Bodywork, you could be just curious to explore a forgotten quality of humanity.

This Yoga Retreat in Bali is also for you if you are seeking for a deep sense of self connection and deeper connection to not just the body connection, but really a nurturing of the soul.

If you already work in the holistic field and/or have the intention of becoming a professional Bodyworker, this course prepares to enter into the SOUL IN TOUCH Academy, which starts in January 2025 in Tenerife. In case you are a 200 h Yoga Teacher Graduate, the Yin Yoga part of this Retreat can be taken as well as a Teacher Training, and qualifies with additional online hours to teach YIN Yoga.

Both Yoga: The Sakta Path Ceremony & Ritual

August 5th-11th 2024

We come to know the Goddess through her stories, and we invite her to embody us through our everyday ritual and ceremony.

Claim your seat for 7 days that will radically transform your relationship with Yoga and the Spiritual path.

Set in the luscious surrounds of Ubud, Bali, Uma will take you on a truly unforgettable & expertly held journey exploring the confluence of ŚāktaTantra & Bhakti Yoga, through devotional ceremony and rituals that make sense for our modern lives, time and culture.

integration & embodiment 

the co-creation of Spiritual Community

We each have defining moments along the Spiritual Path that stop us in our tracks. Moments of deep questioning and challenge, and moments of undeniable awakening... moments where we understand that nothing can ever be the same again.

So how do we integrate the process? What is there for us to sustain this growth?

How can we provide for others, and actively receive the support & space required to understand and assimilate this transformation?

The  Śākta Path offers a place to explore sustained transformation through the ceremony of embodied process rest & reflection, and the ritual of giving & receiving support.

The Śākta path immersion will explore the fine art of holding space for genuine embodied receptivity. Balancing the roles of both meaningfully supporting others, as well as actively opening to trust, surrender and truly allow that support for ourselves. To be actively heard and seen & held in spiritual community, and to embody and integrate ongoing and sustainable changes and spiritual evolution.

Bali Soul Retreat
A Six-Night Transformational Journey

September 22nd-28th 2024

If you’re feeling lost and disconnected and you’re ready to get more out of life, join me for a week long journey that will deepen your connection and change the way you show up for yourself in profound ways. 


Are you stuck in a cycle of over-doing, over-giving and under-living?

Are you at a crossroads in life and wondering what’s next?

Are you ready to break the cycle of over-doing, over-giving and under-living? 

Are you ready for more joy, more fun, more adventure, and more moments that take your breath away?

Are you ready for a change? 

If you’re ready to say a resounding YES to yourself, join me on a magical and rejuvenating 7 day journey to Bali, the island of the Gods. Here, amidst pristine rice fields, ancient temples and an abundance of natural wonders, you’re invited to let go of the responsibility and obligations, to surrender to your own inner hearts calling and rediscover the pure joy that comes with total freedom, adventure and authentic self expression. 

It’s time to live your life bravely and love your life fiercely.

Bali Yoga Retreat

October 15th-24th 2024

Ready to step into your Eat, Pray, Love era?

Join Megan Bettis in Ubud, Bali for the jungle retreat adventure of a lifetime! Spend 9 nights at a private retreat center nestled in the heart of terraced rice fields. The 8-bedroom villa boasts the BEST of Bali living with its own garden, jungle views, gourmet meals with locally sourced ingredients, a spa, chlorine-free pool, 5-star support staff, AND it’s only a short stroll to the creative mecca of Ubud!

About the retreat

This retreat is a perfect blend of yoga, spirituality, and adventure. Practice yoga overlooking rice fields, dive into yoga philosophy through workshops, participate in traditional Balinese rituals, hike to waterfalls, and visit centuries-old temples, shrines, meditation chambers, and sacred water temples.

As always, we’ve got good food, good people, and boutique accommodations. Rediscover yourself and broaden your horizons while experiencing connection, freedom, and FUN. Leave feeling refreshed, inspired, and part of something bigger than yourself.

All levels are welcome. Bring an open mind, open heart, willingness to try something new, and your swimsuit!

IFS & Breathwork Retreat

November 1st-8th 2024

Join us on an 8-day adventure to Bali (November 1-8, 2024), where we will integrate Somatic IFS and Breathwork to facilitate a transformative healing journey for mental health professionals.

Guided by LaDonna Silva and Pablo Castro.

7 Reasons to join this journey

8-day adventure in Bali
8-day adventure in Bali

Bali's stunning beauty will fill you with awe and inspiration. Bali is on a bucket list of many and for a reason - it's a special, powerful and diverse land. You will experience Balinese culture, connect with openhearted people and witness their rich community and spiritual life. You will also experience the richness of the natural world in Bali which is like reconnecting to a source of life.

Inner journey
Inner journey

This retreat is a process of insight and inner transformation. Our program is a unique combination of guided experiential processes (morning and evening circles), somatic embodiment practices (movement, dance, breathwork, Qi-gong, Balinese massage), and local excursions and experiences: Waterfall & Rice Terrace Trek, Water Ceremony in a Balinese Temple, Kecak Trance Dance and more.

Unique venue
Unique venue

Villa Gaia is a fabulous retreat centre set among rice paddies. During our time the centre will be dedicated exclusively to our group. Accommodations include double bedrooms (one quad) with air conditioning, plus a spacious, open-air workshop area with comfortable sofas and a view of palm trees and rice terraces. Last but not least, the swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna are available 24 hours a day.

Small group
Small group

In a small group retreat of 20 people, the intimacy fosters deep, meaningful connections, enabling more personalized and resonant interactions. This setting ensures every voice is heard, promoting a sense of belonging and mutual support, ideal for personal growth and fostering empathy among participants.

2 Teachers
2 Teachers

This retreat will be guided by two facilitators: LaDonna Silva (she/her), LMFT, who is a Process Therapist, an IFS Approved Clinical Consultant, a Level 3 Certified IFS Therapist and a member of the Somatic IFS Staff with Susan McConnell, and Pablo Castro, a Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer. Two different perspectives, skillsets and energies.

A culinary experience
A culinary experience

You will be provided with three delicious, healthy and carefully prepared meals a day and 24-hour access to coffee, tea, lemonade and snacks, including traditional Balinese sweets and desserts. During the retreat, you will try the best dishes of Asian cuisine, especially those characteristic to Bali. We will also visit some of the best traditional Balinese restaurants in Ubud.

A balanced program
A balanced program

This retreat is a time for deep insight and inner work, as well as a time for rest, restoration and healing. You will take a deep break from your busy life - this will be time only for YOU. You will try traditional Balinese massage, enjoy a relaxing walk in the rice paddies, and unwind by the pool or in the jacuzzi.

Breathing, healing

Breathing is a remarkable bodily function that seamlessly blends the realms of voluntary and involuntary control.

While we can consciously influence our breath, such as taking deep breaths or holding it, the fundamental rhythm and regulation of breathing are governed by the autonomic nervous system, ensuring our survival without conscious effort. This dual nature of breathing showcases the intricate harmony between conscious intent and subconscious mechanisms within our bodies.

Our breath is also intimately connected to our emotions, serving as a somatic bridge to access and regulate them on a deeper level. By consciously working with our breath, we can bring our emotions to the surface so that we are able to witness and work through them.

Breathing can be a powerful healing tool, both if we use it as a primary healing modality through methods like Conscious Connected Breathwork or if we integrate breath into somatic psychotherapy. We have found that sometimes our bodies are so rigid and stuck that something else is needed to open up to altered states of consciousness.

An ideal fit for this is Internal Family Systems (IFS), which allows us to soften the protective parts of ourselves, making space for a deep healing process.

The integration of IFS therapy and breathwork offers a potent synergy for self-exploration and trauma healing. Breathwork can help individuals access and engage with inner parts more deeply, facilitating access to Self-energy and releasing emotional burdens. IFS, in turn, can release inner obstacles and protective mechanisms, which allows us to truly surrender and follow inner guidance and bodily wisdom.

This 8-day retreat will be an inner journey - an experience of going deep with breathing (Conscious Connected Breathwork) and parts work practices (Somatic IFS by Susan McConnell).

You will be able to create space for whatever is happening within you and attend to it with trusted guidance. It will be like coming home to yourself - a spacious welcome to all that needs attention.

The guided group work we will do will allow you to embody a more compassionate presence in your therapy room and give you a set of cutting-edge tools, inviting your practice to the next level.

The Seeds Of Life Raw Food Chef Certification Training

December 18th 2024 - January 1st 2025

A Two Week Raw Living Incubator

Our Raw Food Chef Certification & Training takes place on Bali, the tropical island of the Gods and Goddesses. The abundance of organic tropical fruits and veggies simply makes Bali the perfect training ground. Your creative mind and noble body will be left nourished, activated and inspired. Whether you want to open a café, expand your existing chef skills and add a few raw food items to your existing menu or just to prepare healthy meals at home for your family and friends. We will meet where you are at.


You will be professionally and intimately taught raw combinations and variations of many of your favorite dishes and desserts. Accompanied by the nutritional benefits, we will expand what you can do at home using local produce to empower you to keep going. You’ll become competent at using all the necessary raw food kitchen tools for preparing these delights as part of your hands on training. You will  you gain confidence and understanding of ‘the Raw Living Foods Kitchen’. Join us for your Raw Food Chef Certification & Training course here on Bali at Ubud.


We will meet your experience level where you are at. All are welcome.


Shiva Yoga Summer Retreat to Bali at
Gaia Retreat Center

June 2025 - Dates To Be Confirmed

Join us in Bali for our Shiva Yoga Summer Retreat.  This is a chance to relax, restore, and rejuvenate, and to soak up the incredible energy of Bali.  We will be staying at the renowned Gaia Retreat Center, with our own private spa, salt water pool, jacuzzi, and infrared sauna.

Your retreat package includes: 7 nights accommodation, 3 gourmet meals per day, with vegan and vegetarian options, full yoga program - including opening and closing ceremonies, special workshops and events, as well as three 90 minute massage therapy sessions, to help you release tension and let go of stress, and a bonus excursion to the Tirta Empul Holy Water Spring Cleanse Temple.  Take a dive into the holy waters of the temple and emerge with a new sense of purpose.  

*There will be 2 Group Dinners in Ubud, not included in the cost of the retreat package

**Additional excursions available that can be added upon arrival to enhance your retreat experience, at an additional cost. 


Retreat Online Booking Form:

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