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Shivakali 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training returns to Villa Gaia in Ubud, Bali - immersed in the ancient spiritual, philosophical and meditative traditions of Yoga, while also maintaining a firm ground in modern alignment, sequencing, and approaches to practice.   


We teach a alignment-based 'Vinyasa Flow' practice, culminating in restorative postures, meditation and pranayama.  Our practice focuses on presence centered awareness, serving first to awaken the body and break-up stuck energy, and then to soften the mind and nurture our inner being. Uniting the masculine + feminine aspects of practice we find freedom in movement, draw awareness from the mind to the heart, and allow insight to arise naturally.


Founded by  Serge Bandura - owner of a beautiful new studio in Ojai, California, this 200hr Yoga Teacher Training progresses over 18 days by a map of the chakras, starting at the root and ending with the crown.  During the root segment, students will ground their intentions for teaching/practice, and learn the vast history of Yoga from the Vedas through the Upanishads, Buddhism, Yoga Sutras, Bhakti traditions, Tantric Lineages and contemporary Yoga Schools.  In the sacral chakra we will uncover the countless layers of the subtle body, learn the principles of Ayurveda, gain an overview of classical Tantra, and practice Yoga Nidra.  As we progress through the navel chakra we will explore Yoga's connection with power, fire, and introduce Lakshmi practice & the business of Yoga.

In the heart we encounter the devotional path of Bhakti (devotional) Yoga, as well as ceremony, prayer and healing.  We will connect in nature, and receive teachings on the heart of our practice.  We share in men's and women's circles as a step in our process of uniting energies, where we also honor identifying with a group other than your assigned-at-birth gender and exploring either group as you feel called.  These are non-binary groups, with the awareness that classical yogic philosophy state we all have both the feminine and masculine essence inside us!

Moving upwards into the throat chakra students will learn about Kashmir Shaivism and the Sanskrit language, pronunciation, principles of chanting, and a wealth of mantra & deity practices.  Progressing to the third eye the training becomes increasingly more subtle, as we encounter an array of Yogic meditations, explore Yogic Buddhism, and turn inward in silence.  Culminating in the crown, trainees will receive kundalini awakening practices, learn Shakti mantra, Yogic ritual, and receive an initiation into the practice.

Each day will also include a thorough overview in the anatomy/physiology of Yoga-Asana (postures), a comprehensive outlook on teaching methodology, an intensive dissection of major and minor poses, workshops on adjustments/alignment, and plenty of time for practice teaching.  Not to mention time for students to be present in nature, reflect, swim, stargaze, and relax in quietude. This training will also include an excursion to a very special Balinese temple, and a chance to participate in a profound & ancient Balinese ritual.

For those looking to teach, this Yoga Teacher Training in Bali will provide a vast, comprehensive tool-kit for teaching physical postures, alignment, adjustments and sequencing methodologies, as well as pranayama, mantra, meditation, and more.  The principles we instruct can be applied to any style of yoga you feel compelled to offer.  

 For students looking to deepen their understanding, this will be a dynamic expansion of both knowledge and practice.  A sincere exploration of what it means to truly practice YOGA.


Presenting Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Zen teachings in a generic and secular manner will enable a much larger audience to be able to take advantage of these most direct and powerful methods.  This is our primary mission.

This once in a lifetime retreat led by Jackson Peterson at Gaia Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali, will focus on revealing our already "enlightened mind" directly in experience, and thereby allowing the possibility that all personal suffering, along with the endless cycles of goal oriented meditation practices can be both, finally brought successfully to an end. The methodology is the "sudden enlightenment" approach as transmitted in Zen and Tibetan Dzogchen. 

Jackson will also be teaching two other very powerful Dzogchen practices known as "thogal" and "yang ti"; both of which bring about very profound insights and realizations. No prior experience in Buddhism, meditation or Dzogchen is necessary.

All meals (full board), accommodation, excursion and airport transfers are included from Ngurah Rai International Airport based in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Retreat group is limited to 20 pax in total to enable Jackson sufficient time for private interviews. 

Meet Jackson Peterson & his fascinating background

From time to time, l am asked if I have any actual training in the traditional Tibetan Dzogchen and Zen lineages.  I have all lineage teachings, theory and practice instructions for Dzogchen Semde, Longde and Mangagde including Yangti (Dark Retreat) from Namkhai Norbu in 1985-1988. I was his private chef for a time and spent much personal time alone with him. He gave me permission to teach Dzogchen Semde.

I also received the Dzogchen trekchod and thogal instructions of Shardza Rinpoche directly from the Bon Menri Lopon. I also received the thogal transmission for the Yeshe Lama through Dudjum Rinpoche's lineage. I received the essential Mahamudra teachings in a practice retreat from the lineage of the Dalai Lama.

In 1978 while in Nepal Sabchyu Rinpoche performed the initial empowerment for generation stage practice for the Karma Kagyu personally for me. I received many more transmissions both from Kagyu and Nyingma for gTumo yoga (Tibetan kundalini). I received and practiced the tantric sadhanas of Vajrayogini and the Siamukha tradition of Ayo Khandro as well as a Chod practice tradition of Machig Labdron.

I received personal instruction from Trungpa Rinpoche in 1979 and others including Kalu Rinpoche and Lama Wangdor in the 80's. I attended a retreat with Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche regarding Tibetan medicine in relation to Dzogchen.

In 1966 I began Zen meditation practice with Japanese, Soto Zen master, Matsuoka Roshi for several years.

In 1968 I became a student of Zen master, Suzuki Roshi.

In 1978 I received training while in China under Chinese Chan master, Yen Wai Shi. He was a Dharma heir of Hsu Yun, who died in 1959 at 119 years old. When I left China, Yen Wai Shi requested that I begin teaching Zen when I returned to the U.S.

I received Zen teachings from Zen master, Harada Roshi, while I was at his temple in Okayama, Japan in 2006.

I also studied and practiced Sufism in Kashmir, India; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and in London with three different Sufi lineages as well as Kabbalah in Israel with Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, head Rebbe of the Lubivitcher Hassidic tradition. I am an authorized teacher of the Qadria Sufi lineage. 

Master Bedroom ~ Superior Dorm Room ~
Accommodates 4 people in 4 single beds

Rate: $750 USD total investment, per person

Lotus Room 1, Lotus Room 2 & Bamboo Room ~
Standard Room Category ~ Shared/Double Occupancy
Accommodates 2 people in each room
Rate: $1,250 USD total investment, per person

4 Seasons Room and Terrace Suite ~
Deluxe Room Category ~ Shared/Double Occupancy
Accommodates 2 people in each room
Rate: $1,500 USD total investment, per person

**Please add 15% tax and service to each booking **

Photos of each room can be viewed by clicking - HERE


Airport transfers both ways from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar (DPS), Bali
Dzogchen Teachings
Excursion to a Temple & Charity Foundation
3 nourishing meals a day
Accommodation at Gaia Retreat Center
Free access to Gaia Retreat Center's facilities (swimming pool, sauna, hot tub jacuzzi)


Visit Jackson's website: www.wayoflight.net to access more of Jackson's videos and work 
 Email: gaiaretreatbali@gmail.com for bookings and inquiries 


Ashtanga & Baptiste Yoga Retreat in Bali by Clayton Horton & Tryphena Chia

We are honored to welcome Clayton Horton back to Gaia Retreat Center along with Tryphena Chia from Pure Yoga, on Nov 6-10 for an invigorating & uplifting Ashtanga / Baptiste Yoga Retreat.

About Clayton Horton 
Clayton is an experienced and internationally known KPJAYI Certified Ashtanga yoga teacher who discovered yoga at age 21 whilst living in San Francisco, when his mother took him to a pranayama class. Clayton studied with masters Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and the Greensufi for many years, both of whom gave him great inspiration to practise daily and develop a yogic lifestyle. Whilst attending a course for teachers in Mysore during the summer of 2016, Sharath Jois awarded Clayton with the blessing of ‘Certification’ – the highest level of accreditation for teachers at the institute.

Clayton’s teaching style is traditional, yet light-hearted and relaxed - complete and well-balanced in which an experienced and skilled teacher can help any student 'find their place' within its structure regardless of individual challenges, aptitude and constitution.

About Tryphena Chia 
Tryphena is thankful to have found Baron Baptiste and Sri Dharma Mittra as her teachers. Baron has helped Tryphena to be fearless in stepping up to her fullest potential. Sri Dharma Mittra has taught Tryphena to have compassion for everyone and to be the first person to stand up to help anyone in need.
Tryphena believes in having fun and allowing ourselves to make mistakes on the yoga mat. Her classes can be challenging but they are fun and creative.

Expect daily Simple Led Ashtanga practice with Clayton, Baptiste Power Vinyasa practice with Tryphena, Afternoon Restorative & Yin Yoga combined with delicious meals, excursion to Tirta Empul holy water spiritual cleanse and plenty of free time in our beautiful sanctuary & explore markets, restaurants and more.
Once a year (at least), be nice to yourself and choose to unplug from your whole life so you can take care of YOU.
This co-facilitated retreat is open to all levels and backgrounds.

DECEMBER 29, 2019 - JANUARY 4, 2020

Michaela Westermark Yoga Bali Villa Gaia Retreat
Join two dear friends (and experienced Yoga teachers and facilitators), Marta Wanderlust + Michaela Westermark, for an end-of-the-year retreat in the magical Bali: a week to remember, re-awaken and consciously enter into the new.  Come along for a journey of movement, transformative Breathwork, somatic practices, meditation, sound and ritual, cacao ceremony, nourishing food and stunning nature. 
Closing the year by lovingly letting go + creating more space internally, and then consciously entering into the new on a magical land, unsurprisingly known as the Island of Gods.


Before setting  roots in Bali from Stockholm, Michaela spent years in India where she immersed herself in Asana, Pranayama and Vedic philosophy. Drawing upon the ancient teachings to infuse a practice based in the relevance of everyday life. Amongst other great teachers she has trained and studied with Cameron Shayne (Budokon & Mixed Movements Arts), Edward Clarke (Tripsichore Yoga), Usha Devi (Iyengar), Meghan Currie and Sudhir Rishi (Vedic Philosophy).


Marta is a gifted, passionate, and highly experienced teacher and student of Yoga and the teachings of Advaita Vedanta. She has first discovered Yoga when 14 years old, and right away felt the mysterious familiarity of the practice. She began her professional training with a Jivamukti Yoga immersion, under the guidance of Yogeswari – one of the most senior teachers of the method. Marta was certified as an Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow instructor in a traditional school in Goa, India. In India, she also had the privilege to meet her Spiritual teacher Rishi Sudhir of Tiruvannamalai, with decades of experience in Pranayama, meditation, and a depth of Vedic knowledge. Over the last years, Marta has been studying with the plant medicines and traditions of Central and South America. 

*2020 RETREATS *

JANUARY 6-11, 2020


Join Yoga Corner Founder Amy Leonard-King for a fully immersive experience in the beautiful + spiritually rich Ubud in Bali as a way to welcome in the New Year. We’ll dive deep into the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda + Philosophical study as a way to fast-track your practice and ultimately how you experience life both on and off the mat.

Not simply a holiday with a bit of Yoga thrown in, this new format retreat is condensed into a 5 day intensive at the stunning Gaia Retreat Centre (Ubud), such that the practices experienced are absorbed on the deepest level, as well as retained in cellular memory to take with you beyond your time spent away.

Each morning will begin with a 30 minute meditation practice followed by a Hatha/Vinyasa practice influenced in the Jivamukti style, as is Amy’s lineage. Breakfast will follow on-site as a group, followed by free time for journalling, massages, treatments and quiet reflection, this time is encouraged to be silent in order to best absorb the transformation that will take place.

Before midday we will reconvene for guided meditation practice, followed by a light lunch at the retreat centre. The afternoons can be spent relaxing by the pool or exploring a little further by foot or road into the Ubud town centre. Each day before sundown will commence a workshop style practice exploring specific themes, practices and philosophies, including alignment, the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda, the Chakra System, and Advanced Asana.

Dinner will be onsite and enjoyed together, all meals offered being plant-based and vegan; a diet considered to be the best and most beneficial to our own health as well as the health of the planet, and in accordance with the Yogic philosophy + practice of ‘ahimsa’.

After dinner each evening, a Satsang will be held, joining together in meditation, mantra, philosophical discussion and Q&A in order to finish the day on the highest note of elevated thinking and being.

This retreat is for you if you are looking to dive a little deeper, in a short (and very sweet) space of time. The retreat allows for your trip away to be both incredibly rewarding and deeply transformative, as well as giving space either side of the 5 days for your own exploration of Ubud and it’s rich culture, history and spiritual abundance. All levels of experience are welcome.


5 nights accommodation

3 daily meals onsite

all yoga, meditation + workshop practices

1 x complimentary balinese massage

water cleansing ceremony

temple excursion

Amy is passionate about sharing yoga. Her own experience with the practice was a slow and steady evolution into what is now not only a daily practice, but touches every aspect of her life.

After completing her BCom at Melbourne University and then working a corporate job for 5 years, Amy's wish to create a 'job' that was her passion and life's work lead to taking a first Yoga Teacher Training whilst living abroad in London, and subsequently spending recent years travelling and studying under Yoga teachers from different lineages including Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Anusara, Jivamukti and Yin Yoga both here in Melbourne and all over the world. 

Amy is humbled and inspired by the opportunity to share her love and joy of the practices of Yoga with anyone willing to take that first step onto the Yoga mat. More than exploring the physical practice in her classes and linking awareness of the breath, Amy's passion lies in sharing the deeper philosophy and ancient teachings that take us to a more subtle and profound understanding of ourselves, drawing us closer to our original state of truth, consciousness + bliss. 

Amy brings a calming presence to her teaching, whilst challenging students both physically and mentally, offering up ways to both ground + find our centre, as well as expand beyond our perceived limitations. She links the ancient practices of Yoga with how we can access these ideas in our modern lives.

 MARCH 7 – 17, 2020

Bali’s magnetic qualities have drawn people here for centuries. There is a sacred atmosphere, devotional culture, energetically rich, ecologically and geographically diverse landscape, and warm, welcoming people.

This verdant island has been such a heart home for Cole Chance Yoga for the last several years. Here, she has learned a gentler way of being with herself + in the world, the important path of self-love + self-care, and a sense of home, a place she can anchor in to NOURISH.

….. "This is what I want to share with YOU. How we have the ability to reflect the abundance of a place into nurturing and nourishment towards ourselves. It will be a delicious adventure!

As I could find no possible way to show you the creme de la creme of this island in only 7 days, the journey will be a beautifully curated 11 days/10 nights. We will go between the jungles of Ubud and the beaches of the Bukit Peninsula immersing ourselves in healing practices, cultural experiences, and both self + community based explorations.

The Nourish Retreat is a beautiful way not only to see the world with like minded seekers, but to slow down, expand, and realign to yourself. You never know what you’ll find when you make the space to do a bit of exploring!" - Cole


Cole has been a seeker all her life. It has brought her into the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world, and most importantly to the path of yoga. Through this practice, she has begun to understand, unravel, and explore the most fascinating of all landscapes….the inner one. There is always room to find more freedom and come closer to wholeness both on and off the mat; Cole’s teaching style reflects her desire to support her students discover on their own unique journey.

Cole has been practicing and teaching Thai Yoga Massage for a decade, is a 500-RYT, international retreat leader, passionate about teaching to the addiction recovery community, consistent in broadening her knowledge in Yoga and Buddhist philosophy, ravenous book nerd, croissant connoisseur, wanderlust junkie, and seeker of the full range of experience. Her philosophy is to live wide, love big, look deep, and ALWAYS leave room for possibilities!

Some of the goodness to come:

Daily Yoga/Meditation (BEGINNER FRIENDLY!), Breathwork, Ecstatic + Balinese Dance, Cooking Class, Water Purification Ritual, Balinese Massage, Cacao Ceremony, Beaches, Rice Fields, Delicious Plant-Based Cuisine, plenty of time for Self-Reflection + Relaxation, as well as commUnity.

Ubud translates as ‘medicine’ — and it truly lives up to its name as Bali’s spiritual, cultural, and creative heart. As one of the great healing centers of the world, it makes the perfect setting for deep dive rejuvenation.

The first 6 nights of our journey we will be nestled up to the beautifully landscaped rice fields at Ubud’s much loved retreat center, Villa Gaia.

It is steeped in old world Balinese charm with a refreshing open-air plan of 8 bedrooms. There is a private garden, hot tub, infrared sauna, massage room, open air dining, and a saltwater infinity pool with panoramic views of the rice paddy fields.

Come. Relax. Explore. Connect.

MARCH 15-20, 2020


When life flows with grace… you feel clear and connected to your soul’s truth… emerging each day with energy and excitement for what is to come… immersed in a soul tribe where you feel loved for being your most authentic self… and committed to living with purpose and presence as your life radiates with a new inner light, the spark of magic… 


We are gathering a group of spirited women to co-create a deep sisterhood where we’ll reconnect to our truest self and purpose, rejuvenate in the healing land of Bali, and awaken our souls to our inner power and light.  Our transformative journey will dance through yoga, meditation, connective workshops and playful explorations – weaving embodiment and movement with breathwork, healing practices, self-discovery and exploration of the sacred arts – all within our deeply connected and magic-sprinkled sisterhood in the lush nature of Ubud, Bali. 

Immersed in these divinely feminine surroundings, we’ll move and breathe into presence, awaken the fire in our soul that co-creates with the universe, and release past conditioning and beliefs that have held us back from our deepest-held dreams. 

Nourishing meals, connective “play”shops, and adventurous excursions through this sacred land will rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul as we reconnect to our innermost truth, purpose, and feminine power. 

We’ll emerge refreshed and clear, armed with the tools and practices to move forth in the world with a deeper sense of purpose and creative empowerment.


Kristen Yates

Kristen is a certified holistic wellness coach, purpose mentor, yoga instructor, and healer guiding women back to their most powerful essence, purpose, and truth within. Her work weaves together the mystical and the practical, sprinkled with embodiment and self-love, to help her clients rise into their potential with ignited mind, body, and spirit.

Jen Cannon

Jen is a certified yoga instructor, life coach and intuitive guide who guides her clients on the steps to clarity and purpose. She works with women to dive deep into quantum creation and manifestation so they may shift out of victim mentality and into the role of co-creator of their lives. 

MARCH 22-26, 2020

Reiki Intensive and Nyepi Silent Day, Bali
Deepening our Practice
22-26th March 2020
Reiki Level 2 and above

A unique and profound opportunity to practice Reiki within the sacred Nyepi Silent Day, this 5-day retreat promises to deepen your relationship with Reiki as well as ground you in your inner silence and truth. 
Reiki is not usually seen as a spiritual pathway, but the tools Usui left us are sacred doorways into self-knowledge, inner peace and freedom.

Explore Reiki as a tool for coming into your body and through a variety of discussion, guided Reiki sessions and introspection become more mindful of the inner wisdom and expansiveness within.

Investigate the mind’s process and harness the Reiki symbols and the sending tools to help us navigate our life path. Through the use of sending to blocks and affirmations we will unlock greater insight to prepare us for our own unfolding process.

Hone our attuning skills to create a sacred space for the merging of our will with universal will. Deepen your experience with attunements, self-attunements and coming into our own inner awareness.

Cultivate stillness with no goal other than being fully present in each moment in the perfect environment.

Finally bring all these tools together for a silent day of Reiki meditation, sending, and healing. Using the group energy to expand our individual efforts to create a supportive and transformative container for our own truth to emerge.

About Elaine Grundy:

Elaine Reiki, Elaine Grundy is a Reiki Teacher of 20 years and founded The Reiki Centre in Singapore in 2007 to focus on high quality Reiki education. Elaine is author of “Reiki, Pure and Simple” a down to earth and accessible introduction to Reiki. She is currently working on her second book to help Reiki students deepen their practice. Over the years she has traveled and taught Reiki all over the world, helping thousands of people learn the gentle art of self-healing through Reiki.

About Gauri Ramirez:

Guari has been practicing Reiki for more than a decade and teaching since 2013. She graduated under The Reiki Centre's Usui Reiki Master Teacher Program with Elaine Grundy. Her background in Psychology and Yoga Therapy allows her to blend Western and Eastern sciences; she has more than fifteen years of meditation practice, attended multiple Silent Retreats and completed over 1000 hours of Yoga training. She’s currently teaching in Singapore, Switzerland and Costa Rica, her hometown.


What’s included:
4 nights shared accommodation,
airport transfer to resort,
healthy vegetarian breakfast and lunch,
2x daily Meditation & Yoga sessions,
Reiki teaching and sessions,
Balinese Blessing Ceremony
Water Ceremony in local temple

APRIL 14-18, 2020

Sisterhood + Local Culture + Regional Cuisine + Relaxation + Fun

As with the five elements in nature, this retreat curated by Naima Woodson of www.beachbumwisdomco.com has been thoughtfully orchestrated with each element creating the other and working together to support a beautifully balanced vacation experience.  Aside from Bali being one of the most high vibration, spiritually magnetic, lush, naturally and culturally beautiful places on earth, her love of the culture, food and spas inspired her to create a retreat where you can deeply nourish yourself, indulge, and have fun with kindred spirits. 

You will see amazing sights, explore majestic temples, splash around in the sea, sip cocktails on white sandy beaches with stunning sunsets, eat fresh and organic regional cuisine, get massages and more! On this mainly all-inclusive journey, you will have some time on your own to explore the island.  Spend a half-day at the spa for a relaxing Ayurvedic body treatment and fragrant flower blossom bath, wander through rice fields, shop the colorful markets, splash around in a waterfall, take a yoga class, visit the Monkey Forest, check out the night-life.After all, this is YOUR time to feed your mind, body and soul, as you wish.


Amazing villa accommodations at Villa Gaia in Ubud 
Airport shuttle and ground transportation to and from all group excursions
Nourishing and indulgent breakfasts, lunches and dinners (with vegan, vegetarian and meat options)
Cultural Excursions & Classes
A luxurious Balinese Spa experience
View Naima Woodson's past retreat at Gaia Retreat Center by clicking - here 

MAY 31 - JUNE 7, 2020

Ladan Soltani Yoga Meditation Retreat in Bali - Villa Gaia

Ladan is a yoga & meditation practitioner who facilitates her own classes, workshops, and retreats internationally. She trained with Sivananda Yoga in the Himalayas and Mysore style Ashtanga in San Francisco with Greenpath Yoga and has invested 30 years of her life in health, well-being and mindfulness. Ladan is a writer for Huffington Post (click here to read more), published author of "Fabulous Fitness at 40", and teacher for various Fitness TV Sky channels.  She loves teaching yoga as it has allowed her to become aligned with her true sense of purpose in life. She lives by the Eastern philosophy that yoga is about self-realization. 

Each morning, overlooking spectacular views of terraced rice-fields and palm trees, we will start with a yoga practice to establish and learn the basic fundamentals of the postures and refine them by going into more detail. The style and discipline taught will be a mixture of Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga. Ladan will be giving plenty of adjustments and demonstrations, so you may feel more empowered within your practise. She will offer modifications when available for beginners, as well as options for more advanced poses. Everyone will receive personal attention.

During evenings, there will be guided meditation, yin yoga sessions, yoga nidra, breath-work and a core workshop to help build strength so your back and spine feels more stronger and supple. This will help you to gain more knowledge so you can practice with confidence on your own with inner peace.


- 7 nights accommodation - Morning yoga classes - Evening guided meditation/yin yoga/yoga nidra - 7 healthy delicious breakfasts - 2 nutritious 3 course evening meals at Villa Gaia - Welcome meal on arrival - 2 Excursions to historical temples and a waterfall - Workshop for back care - Balinese massage - Airport Pick up and drop off - Unlimited Tea, coffee, water - Use of Jacuzzi and infrared sauna - Options for sound healing classes 

JUNE 19-24, 2020

Erika Cramer - The Queen of Confidence

Erika Cramer, the founder of The Queen of Confidence who is taking a bold stand for women to reclaim their self confidence, returns to Gaia Retreat Center with her beloved husband Hamish Cramer of Manfulness who both co-create and bring a deep level of holistic experience, meditation and personal fitness training designed to inspire the Mind, Body and Spirit connection. 
Erika and Hamish encourage women to end people pleasing, self judgment, comparison and to let go of caring so much what other people think of us.

This highly anticipated co-facilitated 6 day retreat for women will be based on working with the mind, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours via modalities of coaching, mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy, shamanic healing, movement, meditation & neuroscience to inspire action, change, connection and deep compassion and acceptance of self and others.

Here you will be safely guided and lead in order to push past comfort and into the rebirth of you are really meant to be. This retreat will leave you feeling, energised, rejuvenated, clear minded, expanded and ready to experience yourself on a whole new level.

Click HERE to view their 2019 retreat at Villa Gaia


Erika speaks regularly to groups of women and mothers on the topic of Self confidence, Self-love and vulnerability. She facilitates Confidence masterclasses in Melbourne whilst running her coaching business where she coaches women both privately and in groups settings. Erika keeps it raw, real and entertaining whilst inspiring women everywhere to be who they are and stand in their fully expressed selves.

Hamish sees fitness and wellness as one and focuses on empowering his clients into movement versus weight loss. This unique approach to fitness incorporates meditation in order to assist his clients in achieving lower stress, adrenal and cortisol levels. Hamish is a long life learner and has studied energy healing and Shamanism, which he incorporates into all of his sessions.


All transportation including pick-up and drop-off to the airport as well as local transportation to all our retreat run excursions in Ubud
5 nights / 6 days accommodation at our gorgeous retreat centre in Ubud, Bali
All Meals (unless we go out for group dinner) Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Unlimited filtered water and herbal tea. Your choice of Organic, plant-based, protein animal based, vegan, vegetarian or primarily raw meals designed to nourish your body
Daily Mindset sessions for expansion and empowering transformation
Morning and night meditation sessions
Access to salt water infinity pool, hot tub, infrared sauna, 4 bikes, library, yoga mats and props
Nightly groups circles
2 x One on one Video call Before and after the retreat to connect, support and nurture you through your experience.
Free time to relax, read, explore and heal
Personalised welcome gift
Complimentary natural products during your stay
Discounted spa treatments (massage, colonic, facial, reflexology etc.)
Complimentary wifi
Professional and personal support to assist you in anything you need emotionally and physically through out your stay
1 on 1 holistic mind, body spirit session with Erika and Hamish Group activities for connection, spirituality, growth and manifestation
Morning rice terrace walks
Water purification experience at Tampak Siring Holy Water Temple
Explore the Historical Temples & Meditation Chambers of Gunung Kawi

JULY 6-10

Marnie Cate - Grand Escape Retreat in Bali

Ready to escape in 2020 and give yourself the most blissful experience you can imagine?

Have you been promising yourself that you’ll take time out from your busy life and treat yourself to a luxurious getaway? Now here’s your chance!
An exclusive opportunity for you to escape the grind and indulge in delights for your mind, body and spirit. Daily yoga sessions, meditation, journaling, swimming, sauna, nutritious food and Balinese culture are just a few of the things you’ll enjoy in this Grand Escape by Marnie and Kristy.

Imagine waking every day and not having to worry about work, or responsibilities that are tying you down and enjoy the simplicity of each moment. To realise the freedom for your mind, your body and your spirit! 


Marnie Cate is a clairvoyant and spiritual teacher with a passion for healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Having been born with the gifts of sight and empathy, she regularly received premonitions and visits from Spirit throughout her early childhood. 

It wasn’t until the birth of her first son that her gifts really stepped up to a new level, and as the Universe encouraged, people began to find Marnie to seek out guidance and connection with Spirit. Throughout her nearly 20-year journey on this path, her passion is to share that we all can connect in our own gifts and find faith in ourselves. Learning simplicity in meditation, contact with your Guides and sensing other dimensions can enrich your life. Whether it be a reading, a healing or a workshop with Marnie, you will walk away knowing a deeper level of yourself.


Meet Kristy, from You Via Yoga in Mandurah WA, who has been practicing yoga for approx. 16 years and studied at Himalaya Yoga Valley, under the Ashtanga Lineage taught by Yogacharya Lalit Kumar, in 2017.  Kirsty teaches, traditional, mindful yoga classes in the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Asana discipline, intertwined with Vinyasa flow, meditation, Pranayama and other aspects of Ashtanga Yoga.



Standard accommodation 4 nights / 5 days

Daily breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner

Daily service of your room, 24 hour security and free wifi

Unlimited supply of clean drinking water, herbal tea and Balinese coffee

Swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi

Complimentary transfers upon arrival at Denpasar airport to Ubud resort and departure from resort to Denpasar airport

Complimentary transfer to Ubud town centre (must be booked in a group format on the day)

Tirta Empul Holy Water Spring Cleanse excursion (sarong provided for visit)

Tegenungan Waterfall excursion

Daily yoga class with Kristy from You Via Yoga (morning and afternoon or evening)

Meditation and spiritual workshops with Marnie Cate

Free time to rest, swim, hike and explore Ubud (to name a few!)

Gift bag of goodies


Retreat Online Booking Form:

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