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Far Infrared Sauna And Soft HOT Tub Jacuzzi.
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February 20 to 27, 2024 

Bali Goddess Retreat
8-Day Women’s Luxury Divine Feminine Retreat in Ubud

During the Full Moon portal
Highly Limited Spots, by Application Acceptance


With Renowned Goddess Coach & #1 Bestselling Author Syma Kharal

Immerse yourself in the most magical, curated, luxurious Goddess retreat you can experience in the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali, in the holy lands of the Gods and Goddesses themselves!

If you desire to Experience the depth of ecstasy that overflows into every part of your life as Divine Feminine radiance, abundance, love, beauty, bliss and miracles…

Join this life-changing Goddess journey to:

🌹 Embodying your deepest feminine receivership as you let go and let me lead and lavish you, and the Goddesses love and shower you with miraculous blessings in the way that is only possible through a live, experiential, in-person Goddess pilgrimage. 

🌹 Relishing your body temple in the most luscious, sacred rituals, heavenly surroundings, luxurious pampering, and nourishing food to fully embody your Divine Feminine pleasure, radiance, beauty and bliss! 

🌹 Releasing and cleansing your blocks through the most healing and potent purification ceremonies in Bali’s holy water temples.

🌹 Transmuting karmic cycles through a live experience of Goddess alchemy with a transformational ancient Balinese ceremony to become free and powerful in every way. 

🌹 Rebirthing your consciousness to empower and elevate every part of your life through the most magical Goddess rituals in Bali’s sacred energy portals. 

🌹 Renewing your heart’s receptivity to love and miracles through the sweetest, most loving sacred sisterhood ceremonies in sacred, beautiful Balinese sites. 

🌹 Reigniting your shakti to manifest your boldest dreams in oneness with your Divine dharma, inspiration and intuition with our Goddess temple activations and private Balinese rituals. 

🌹 Replenishing your soul into overflow to unleash every form of abundance, success, and expansion through the Goddess embodiment I can unleash for you solely through the Divine Feminine energy vortex that Bali is.

Get ready to fully embody your inner Goddess through these bespoke

Bali Goddess Retreat Highlights:

Sacred Site Activations:

Receive divine blessings through sacred portal activations at the most magical holy temples: Tirta Empul Water Blessing, Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple, Temple Sebatu Water Ceremony, holy waterfall, and Goddess Saraswati Temple.

Goddess Embodiment Rituals: 

Awaken and embody your Divine Feminine gifts…your sensuality, beauty, receptivity, power, shakti, radiance, love, abundance, bliss, magic, and more with daily Goddess rituals led by Syma.


Balinese Ceremonies: Experience powerful spiritual cleansing and awakening through ancient Balinese ceremonies led by gifted local spiritual healers. 

Goddess Pampering:  Relish in ultimate self-care with your personal 60-minute traditional Balinese massage, and all-access to our private luxury on-site spa lounge, infrared sauna, jacuzzi hot tub, and salt water pool!

Heavenly Surroundings: Rest and replenish your mind-body-soul as you retreat in Mother Nature's abundant tropical beauty in Bali’s potent volcanic lands, lush jungle paradise, flourishing flora, and quintessential rice terraces!

Sacred Sisterhood: Make lifelong connections with soul sisters from around the world! Syma curates the most beautiful sisterhood containers through an aligned applicant acceptance process, clear and loving standards and boundaries, and magical sisterhood facilitation

Luxury Accommodations: Indulge in one of Bali’s top eco-luxury retreat centers, with exclusive access to the entire Balinese-style wellness resort for our private group. Enjoy daily maid-service, free Wifi, and luxury amenities. The center is nestled in lush rice fields in Ubud, the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali. 

Organic Gourmet Meals: Delight in 3 daily sumptuous, nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) lovingly crafted by our gifted private chef, with fresh and organic vegetarian and meat options. Plus limitless access to drinking water, and Balainese tea and coffee!


Plus these Extra Goddess Touches


Private Transfers: Enjoy the ease and peace of pre-arranged round-trip airport transfers to/from to our retreat center with courteous, professional private drivers for our group. 

Concierge Service: Dedicated on-site retreat staff, concierge service, and 24/7 security.

Virtual Portal: Private online portal with preparation details, FAQ, and more.

Private Facebook Group: Connect with fellow sisters, discuss logistics and get support from Team Syma before and during the trip


If you are ready for the most beautiful and blissful awakening into the Goddess you are to embody ecstatic overflow:



Meet Syma, Your Retreat Leader


Syma Kharal 

is an international leading Goddess Mentor, High Priestess, Retreat Leader and #1 bestselling author of the books “Goddess Reclaimed” and “Manifest Soulmate Love. She initiates women all over the world into the Goddess Queens they are, empowering them to create their boldest dreams and most flourishing lives, from their Divine Feminine. 

Syma led herself on a path of Divine Feminine alchemy at age 14 to heal from childhood wounding. She freed herself from patterns of struggle and self-sabotage and rebirthed through the Goddess into liberation and miracle manifestations. 

With the Goddesses, Syma co-created a life beyond her wildest dreams: leaving a toxic corporate career to create a thriving 7-figure feminine empire transforming women's lives, healing love blocks and manifesting and marrying her soulmate, deepening in divine love and union year after year, manifesting her miraculous pregnancy and divine Sun after infertility, traveling the world in luxury with her beloved family, and living in pure abundance, pleasure, freedom, radiance and overflow. 

Syma loves empowering women to be and have all they desire too, from their feminine ease, magic, and bliss, and embody the Flourishing Goddesses they truly are. 



Bali Indonesia | The Five Elements Retreat

April 1 - April 6, 2024

The welcoming people, the rich culture, the fresh food, the lush jungle landscape and flawless beaches, the beautiful smells of incense, flowers and sacred offerings… this place gives us the heaven on Earth feels! Being blessed with the opportunity to explore this island since 2014, every year since we’ve made our way back, sharing the “Island of the Gods” with women from around the world. Each time, we envision ourselves returning again soon. Its energy calls us, pulls us in, and expands our hearts and souls with each journey. We are so proud and excited to honor our spirit led vision to create a truly rich experience for you! This offering and special invitation is for an intimate group of women who feel called to this sacred land to experience what we call “THE FIVE ELEMENTS”.

Sisterhood + Local Culture + Regional Cuisine + Relaxation + Fun
As with the five elements in nature, this retreat has been thoughtfully orchestrated with each element creating the other and working together to support a beautifully balanced vacation experience. Aside from Bali being one of the most high vibration, spiritually magnetic, lush, naturally and culturally beautiful places on earth, our love of the culture, food and spas inspired us to create a retreat where you can deeply nourish yourself, indulge, and have fun with kindred spirits.

What will we do?
We’ll see amazing sights, explore majestic temples, splash around in the sea, eat fresh and organic regional cuisine, get massages and more! Aside from all that we have planned with this mainly all-inclusive journey, you will have some time on your own to explore the island. Spend a half-day at the spa for a relaxing Ayurvedic body treatment and fragrant flower blossom bath, wander through rice fields, shop the colorful markets, splash around in a waterfall, take a yoga class, visit the Monkey Forest, check out the night-life… after all, this is YOUR time to feed your mind, body and soul, as you wish.

What’s included?
The Five Elements Retreat will include:

~ Amazing accommodations in Ubud

Our journey will take place in the heart of terraced rice fields located in the creative mecca of Ubud – the most desirable location in Bali. Think swaying palm trees, therapeutic breezes, beautifully landscaped rice terraces and wind chimes singing away. Each room is spacious and well appointed with modern convenience, yet maintains a peaceful Balinese feel. Enjoy spectacular pool and rice field views to soothe the body and mind. Just a short stroll away, you will find a large variety of shopping markets, world class restaurants, spas and yoga studios galore.

~ An airport shuttle and ground transportation to and from all group excursions

The drivers that we have arranged are safe, extremely kind and accommodating. You will be warmly greeted at the airport and shuttled in an air-conditioned vehicle with other retreat guests.

~ Nourishing and indulgent breakfasts, lunches and dinners (with vegan, vegetarian and meat options)

Most meals will be prepared by our outstanding chefs as well as local, intentionally chosen restaurants where we know the food is amazing! We like food. A LOT! We like to smell it, taste it, take pictures of it… in fact, it’s one of our favorite things about visiting new places around the world – and Bali happens to be one of our top choice regions for food. Delicious is an understatement and we’ve yet to try anything that we have disliked. You can taste the freshness, nothing is processed, the flavor is amazing, and you’ll go home wishing you had a personal Balinese chef of your own.

~ Excursions & Classes

We have a beautifully balanced selection of excursions and classes for you including:

A visit to the Tirta Empul Holy Water Spring where you will take part in a spiritual cleanse at one of the largest water temples in Indonesia. The water in the pools is believed to have magical powers and local Balinese as well as tourists come here to purify themselves under the 30 spouts of natural, spring fed water.

A visit to one of the most beautiful rice terraces in Bali for a hike, scenic outlook, and photos…because the photo opportunities are amazing here! This ancient valley has a timeless quality and is an unforgettable sight to see.

A cultural experience such as a flower offering class to learn more about the ‘canang sari’ you’ll see all over the island, which is a therapeutic ritual (meditation in motion) that will encourage your artistic side and creativity while learning more about Bali’s rich culture – or – a private Balinese interactive cooking class where we will pick out fresh and local ingredients and unique spices from the “Island of the Gods” and cook and enjoy our own meal, led by a Balinese chef.

A visit to one of our favorite local spas for a relaxing traditional Balinese spa experience. If this sounds like bliss… it is! Given that Bali is an epicenter for all things spiritual, spa-ing here is a quasi-religious experience; and this top of the line spa is a high altar to indulgence. Set in lush greenery, this healing sanctuary ooses serenity and the rituals that take place inside will surely leave you wanting more.

Sisterhood circle empowerment sessions to awaken and guide you into living your divine plan. Whether you know it or not, you are a divine being with a purpose to be fulfilled in this lifetime. Discovering your divine plan is a process, like peeling back the layers of an onion. No one can reveal this to you… rather, it is a process of self discovery. And to know yourself, you must go within. These interactive sessions will assist you in fully embracing the vision that you have for your life, walking the path of your divine purpose.

Exercises and activities led by our guest host, Andrea (@metaphysicaldre). Andrea is a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation & Breathwork Guide. With over 5 years of experience, she has assisted hundreds of souls on their healing journey. Andrea focuses on hands-on healing, mindfulness and self-awareness practices to help individuals intentionally release stress, tension, and anxiety from their mind, body, and spirit.

~Free Time

Spent however you wish! It’s important for us to create an experience that’s perfect for YOU. You may wish to spend your free time reflecting or relaxing… journaling or swimming… at a spa or in town shopping… exploring adventurous sights… feeding monkeys in the forest… you decide. We’ve made sure to offer you a free day to do whatever you feel and can also assist in making personal excursion arrangements for you.

~Surprise Gifts & Extras!



Naima Solano | Founder of Beachbum Wisdom Retreats

From the Americas, to Bali, Tulum, Egypt, India, Peru and beyond, my beautiful and life-altering travel journeys provide a unique opportunity for women to vacation in a meaningful way, to some of the most amazing destinations on Earth. I am so proud and excited to honor my spirit led vision to create rich spaces for women to gather and explore the world with other like-minded, amazing, down-to-earth women, committed to self-evolvement. If you’re looking for a vacation where you can deeply relax, discover your greatest potential and deepest longings for happiness, inner peace and bliss, all in the midst of beautiful surroundings, culture, the best food and sisterhood. you may have been led here to discover “THE FIVE ELEMENTS” retreats! My exclusive, one-of-a-kind retreat offerings are for women who feel called to sacred lands to experience a beautiful balance of Sisterhood + Local Culture + Regional Cuisine + Relaxation + Fun! I have thoughtfully chosen all of our accommodations, excursions, meals, and experiences to provide a truly idyllic, safe and memorable experience. The Five Elements Retreats are NOT YOUR AVERAGE WELLNESS RETREAT! My retreats are rooted in authenticity, introspection, fun and exploration. Although we may engage in light meditation, restorative movement and self-reflection exercises throughout the retreat, these are not a meditation retreats… these are not yoga retreats… and we keep it VERY REAL! I am not here to teach you… I am here to remind you of what you already know. I create the space… you create the journey within.


APRIL 21-26 , 2024

Spiritual Vegan Health Coach, Felicia Cox, who made the transition in 2012 and tried it all from raw vegan, to vegetarian, plant-based, and vegan throughout her spiritual journey— is excited to introduce the rundown on everything plant-based/vegan and how her spirituality began with food and meditation. 

Felicia believes that a plant-based is more than a diet. It's a lifestyle and spiritual practice that contributes to your overall physical, mental, spiritual, emotional wellness and health. Felicia offers education through services and products with personalized guidance that will get you on track to be confident in what you eat and how you feel about it, while enjoying every step of this uplifting (and delicious!) retreat at your own pace. 

All backgrounds, levels, walk of life are welcome! 

I N C L U D E S:

6 Days, 5 Nights at Gaia Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali

Daily Vegan Meals Buffet (Breakfast & Dinner)

1-Hour Complimentary full body Balinese massage

RAW Vegan Cooking Class

Herbal Education Class

Juicing Workshop (cold-pressed included)

Far infrared sauna

Soft hot tub jacuzzi

Guided Meditation




Round Trip ground transportation

(to and from airport on check in and check out dates)


A C T I V I T I E S:

Tirta Empul Holy Water Spring Cleanse

Historical temples & meditation chambers of gunung kawi


Additional options offered by the retreat center for an additional cost:

$50 | Colonic Hydrotherapy

**must pre-book this service prior to travel**




Retreat Online Booking Form:

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